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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by sadexo, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. Is it me or have they accidentally chopped off the first second of Orinoco Flow on Clouds? Seems to start oddly.
  2. A new Enya album to get us through isolation this fall/winter would be so ideal. Has there been any rumors/talks about new music being worked on?
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  3. They did. And they probably ripped the CD because the songs sound worse than the remasters too. Mess.
    The only indications of anything coming this year are these new released mixes for some of the songs and a few videos being upgraded to 4K. No official announcement so far though.

    It would be stupid not to release anything this year, especially considering that she's one of the very few artists out there not being (professionally) damaged by the pandemic. She hardly promoted before, this time around she just needs to turn Skype on and never leave her castle (which is probably her dream anyway).
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  4. The way I snorted at this comment sksksk

    Trad: "Luv where's the new album huh? There's no excuse because you were already living in quarantine before Covid existed"

    He didn't lie.

    ANYWAY. The official website is suspended so let's join a prayer circle for... something, anything. The Dark Sky Island website was launched at the beginning of September last time around, so I guess that if they're indeed releasing something for Christmas, the announcement "deadline" should be this month.
  5. I’m not as familiar with her post 97 work - if you were going to add tracks from the later albums to an updated version of ‘Oceans’ and then ‘Clouds’ which would you choose? I thought that might be a good place to start since some of those are my favourites !
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  6. For Ocean.

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  7. I'm sure this will look like shameless self-promotion but I made a fake Box of Dreams Pt.2 during the rate. It gives you an idea of which ones are the Bangers - Instrumentals - Ballads from 2000 to 2015.
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  9. Well... it's October and nothing was announced so I guess I'll just pray for 2021. *sigh*

    Anywho, I've noticed that Annie is liking every single post on her Insta! She's a stan! #stream "The Streets Where I Belong" on your favourite platform, or buy the limited edition Dark Hearts CD x

    Also I wrote a lil something about the very amazing Pitchfork article in her rate thread x
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  11. Well this is being released today in German and the next week in English and French. I'm still debating if buying it or not, as the French press release wipes Enya's name from both the title and the summary, making me think she's not actually the main subject of the book but merely a symbol for whatever the author is trying to say.

    If anybody reads it though, let me know x
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  12. Can't we support you via patreon so you can buy the book and write an extra-long essay on the rate thread?

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  13. *opens an OnlyFans but instead of nudes y'all get Enya essays*
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  14. Do we/does @Verandi have 'everything' that was published about Enya from Smash Hits? I saved a (hilarious) Q&A thing the other day, let me know if I should find it and send you a pic of it?

    Wait, everything's online.


    It was "sitting in silence" that did me in.
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  15. I remember @Verandi posting this Q&A on the rate earlier this year yes!
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  16. 'I have never bought a single or album in my life'
  17. Yup I posted it here but please if you find other stuff like that post it ddd

    I'm collecting this kind of stuff here so it's always fun to add something to the list
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  18. I'm genuinely interested what the trio will come up with using this year as inspiration. I feel like they could make some very dark and special songs.
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