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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by sadexo, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. Ok but I don't think their lives changed that much nn. Patricia found watching the world burn from her castle's tower.
  2. How much time was there between announcement and release with the last record? I wanna know if we’re getting new Enya this winter. I physically need it.
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  3. So true. I’ve never needed a new Enya album more!
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  4. I genuinely thought we had an album this year. Cause her album cycle normally is 4/5 years. Dark Sky Island seems like a start of a new album cycle for me back in 2015. But I don't know anymore. Instead of a new album, 4 years latter we are indeed getting new releases in some way... new posts on social media, the release of single edits and rarities digitally for the first time, maybe after all that we are getting something new
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  5. The Orinoco Flow single is *breathes* 32 years old today! The song itself was already released because... the album came out one month before the lead single. Madness. They could have googled a cleaner sleeve teebs


    Dark Sky Island was announced in mid-September and released in mid-November so... I think we'll get absolutely nothing this year.

    As much as I like to say I've learned to expect nothing, this year it was really looking like something was happening, after the "resurgence" of her social media, the updated videos and the new single edits. I thought that even if a studio album was not coming, surely a(nother) collection or some remasters would have appeared. She said herself that she would have not taken long breaks again after the release of Dark Sky Island and I trusted you Patricia!

    Also not to get morbid or whatever but isn't Nicky 75-ish now? Like girl, squeeze one last album out of him before it's too late nn
  6. I have to say, Clouds has become my go-to Enya compilation when I need some relaxing music playing in the back. I think the tracks lead into each other more seamlessly than in Oceans, where you can tell most times that the songs belong to different eras.
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  7. Stars is out:

    Perfect timing to notice it, as I'm having a really stressful day at work.
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  8. Will anything come out of this celebration? I'm surprised they haven't announced at least a vinyl reissue:

  9. No.

    *punches wall*
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  10. ADWR celebration without/before a Watermark celebration or a SM celebration ? No wAY!!!
  11. The A Day Without Rain """Watch Party""" starts in a hour. I'm bracing myself for a mess but we'll see.

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  12. Tempus Verbume.

    VERBUME!!! For Christ’s sake
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  13. Well that was a mortifying experience. I don't even want to dissect it.
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  14. The Memory Of Trees is, funnily enough, also exactly 25 years old this very day.

    November 20, 1995.
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  15. and Dark Sky Island is 5 today! Amarantine will also be 15 tomorrow. Something something 2 albums per decade if you're lucky.
  16. Enya obviously has an affinity for the time around November 20....
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  17. Yes. Impending Christmas stocking fillers. $$$
  18. Something mystical like that, yeah.
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  19. I guess it’s also partly down to her record company. Her music’s perfect for this time of year and makes very good Christmas presents. I’m always happy to receive one.
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  20. Still hoping for a The Celts - The complete music used in the TV series expanded edition. There are several unreleased pieces of music there (and some she reworked them for later albums).

    It's always been my favourite album of hers despite not being really her best. (Also, the funky stuffed dogs superior original album picture should be used).
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