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Erasure - The Circus

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by type:epyt, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Had a listen to this album for the first time in 5 years or so and although most people rate The Innocents as their best work I think The Circus is a much better effort ... It seems just a little less 'by the numbers' than The Innocents ... Lyrically it is far stronger with the songs having a bit of bite to them ... Plus it contains their best track 'hideaway' and 2nd best single 'victim of love' (Drama! being my personal favourite) ...

    Even The Two Ring Circus adds something ...

    How I wish Erasure had split after Wild! and saved us Abba-esque and subsequent albums ...
  2. The Chorus, Erasure & Nightbird albums are all pretty good. Loveboat, the acoustic and the covers albums (can't remember what they were even called) however jumped the proverbial shark!
  3. Circus is brilliant indeed. But I'd hate it if they split after Wild... IMHO Chorus is their best album. Breath of Life may be the best thing they ever recorded. The albums that followed were basically diminishing returns but there was usually some brilliant tracks scattered throughout. I think the self titled album is very underrated actually.

    That last album though.... 100% crap!
  4. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    If they'd stopped after Wild! we never would have had:

    Am I Right?
    Breath Of Life
    Run To The Sun
    Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day)
    Rock Me Gently
    Here I Go Impossible Again

    so therefore I respectfully disagree. They've definitely had low points and shit albums but they still come up with the goods often enough.
  5. Circus has always been my pick of the Erasure albums. The Innocents was a disappointment for me.

  6. I always thought Erasure were one of those acts where you were best of with just a greatest hits...
  7. I agree with some of you: 'Circus' is better than 'The Innocents' followed by 'Chorus' (why is 'The Innocents' considered the best Erasure album, I don't know);

    I must say I stopped buying their records after 'I say I say I say', which is also nice.

    Tell me, which one after that should I consider?
  8. The Circus is one of those mysterious albums that a lot of people praise and that I'd like to like but that always, at each and every listening, disappoint me.

    See also La Toya's Heart Don't Lie.

    But maybe one day one of those will work for me ?
  9. Ha ha! That's true, although I like it, I have tried to like it more a lot of times.
  10. There's something irredeemably naff about Erasure. Apart from 'Ship of Fools' I hate everything they've ever done.
  11. Haha, I kind of know what you mean. Great singles act, though, at least until 1995. The Circus might be my pick of the albums, but singles-wise they were on such a roll between 1987 and 1992. One of the best runs of all, in fact. Ship Of Fools and You Surround Me were their best, I think. I liked moody Erasure rather than camp HiNRG-mode Erasure (although Drama! combines the two quite splendidly).

  12. I loathe camp HiNRG Erasure. It just says Heaven circa '86 and mustachioed men in tutus to me.

    I'll slightly revise my earlier appraisal, I like The Circus and Blue Savannah as well.
  13. Now Blue Savannah is the one Wild! era track i just can't abide ... That and A Little Respect along with Abba-esque ... Just YUCK!

    I do get what people mean about the gay trashy sound to some of Erasures stuff ... But tbh that gives it some of it's oomph and interest ... In a world where everything is so calculated and even our 'edgy' popstars have a huge record company (read investors) pulling every overly marketed string it's good to remember a time when being something was part of the package if you wanted it to be and didn't define the whole thing ...
  14. Erasure should have split after 'Pop! The First 20 Hits'. I don't care too much for anything after that... everything up to that point was perfect, though.
  15. There was something about Erasure I just could not warm too. I liked their first 3 singles but never really got into their albums. I suppose the only Erasure track I play these days is 'O L'Amour' (extended version) it's still a great high energy track! I totally lost interest in them after the Crackers International EP.'Stop' being the last track I really liked of theirs. To be honest they are a band I can happily live without.
  16. Breath Of Life is too perfect a pop song for anyone to not have! It's just so wonderfully melodic and might even be one of the best singles ever, in my opinion. Everything from Chorus was just bang on perfection, too. As a singles band, those 20 singles on 'Pop!' are just undeniably classic. I can't find fault with any of them. I'm less familar with their albums as whole sets, I pick and chose... but I'll hapily admit my favourite Erasure song is Knocking On Your Door, from Crackers International EP. And 'Drama!' is just a massive song, too. Ok, I'll shut up now.
  17. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    I've stuck with them through all releases, but they nearly lost me around the time of Loveboat and again at Other People's Songs. They found me again at Nightbird.

    The defining eras for me are Wild! and Chorus, in terms of the music and the sheer weight of output. All those b-sides, remixes, CD singles, remix CD singles, some releases having 3 12" singles. Bliss. Doubling the tempo of You Surround Me for the remix was amazing, as were the Supernature remixes.
  18. You know, I only got into Erasure with the release of the recent 2CD Best Of and although that first disc is the stuff of pop dreams (Chorus = best song ever) I've never been tempted to actually buy any of their albums. Funny.
  19. I recently obtained mp3's of all the singles from the boxsets that came out a few years back (don't fret ... i spent enough money on their 12" and cd singles during my teenage years to feel i'm not upsetting their retirement (or likely funeral in one case) fund ...) and it does look quite impressive on my itunes ... some of the mixes aren't as good as you remember them to be but it's still a fun random play for a an hour or so ... and it's scary to think i spent £50 back in 1991 for a Heavenly Action 12" just to get an elusive mix (which was rubish in the end) and now the tracks are just 'there' ...
  20. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Wow, is one of them immortal?
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