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Erasure - World Be Gone (May 19th 2017)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by michaelhird, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. Here's the official trailer for the brand new Erasure album 'World Be Gone', released 19th May 2017 on Mute, plus there will be headline concerts in Glasgow, Manchester and London in May. More details below.


    World Be Gone
    01. Love You to the Sky
    02. Be Careful What You Wish For!
    03. World Be Gone
    04. A Bitter Parting
    05. Still It’s Not Over
    06. Take Me Out of Myself
    07. Sweet Summer Loving
    08. Oh What A World
    09. Lousy Sum of Nothing
    10. Just a Little Love

    'World Be Gone' will be available on CD, LP, Limited Edition Orange Vinyl LP, Limited Edition Cassette and Download w/ Art Print, and there are various exclusive bundles to pre-order now at

    Pre-order CD or LP from the 'World Be Gone' store before 7th April and get your name printed in album artwork.

    500 CDs will be autographed by Vince Clarke and Andy Bell - pre-order before 12th May for a chance to get one.

    All pre-orders gain access to exclusive ticket pre-sale for the UK headline shows in May:

    27 May – Glasgow, 02 Academy
    28 May – Manchester Albert Hall
    29 May – London Roundhouse

    General ticket sale Friday 3rd March.

    Not really giving anything away here but I'm EXCITED nonetheless.
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  2. Looking forward to this. Like Pet Shop Boys, New Order and Depeche Mode, they are still producing quality physical product options for their fans.
  3. Excellent news. Looking forward to their return.

    Also, looking at that cover and the song titles, I get an air of... finality to the whole thing. Hopefully not.
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  4. Pre ordered the limited Orange Vinyl (with name in album credits)
    Love the cover art.
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  5. New single dropping tonight. Quite nice but shit lyrics.

  6. Probably their worst lead single for me really, its basic but listenable in a non-offensive way.

    I dont get a good feeling about this new album at all, the artwork is horrible as well, we'll see, but I think this might be the first album since Other Peoples Songs that I might pass on, hope I'm wrong though.
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  7. I actually really like the artwork, it reminds me of their earlier albums. Hoping this song is good, their last few lead singles have been top notch.
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  8. Love You To The Sky has 'dropped' as an instant download now for people who've pre-ordered the album on Pledge. I quite like it in a 'In My Arms' way, but with overly-dramatic drums. The chorus really reminds me of something else; at first I thought it was Bobby Brown's Every Little Step but it's clearly not. And now it's really, really bugging me.
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  9. The new song is quickly growing on me.
    Their lyrics have always been on the overly sweet side, I'm really enjoying this.
  10. It's enjoyable, but it has the mark of an intro track which doesn't really go anywhere because the really good stuff is supposed to be later on the album. But the fact that this is the lead single is eyebrow-raising.
  11. How can Snow Globe be so good (musically, vocally & lyrically) yet their last several albums proper have been so poor?

    This reminds me of early b-sides but without the Erasure 'bounce' to make it fun/worth listening to ...
  12. I want to see them on tour but already got The Cranberries booked for the Manchester date...

    Edit. Oh I am so slow as already on sale and sold out.
  13. This single is a bit of an ear worm, but the lyrics are very poor. Hoping the album has a bit more bite.
  14. The only thing that struck me as I was listening to the new song is that this is from the same two guys who gave us 'Ship Of Fools' and 'The Circus' and 'Fingers & Thumbs' and 'Hallowed Ground.'

    Oh how I long for the Erasure that properly made an effort with their music and has something to say.
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  15. Who's producing this album?
  16. The new single is a bit lame, it's definitely no What Will I Say When You're Gone.
  17. Its just back to Vince overseeing things, a little dissapointing after the last 2 albums were produced with Frankmusik and Stuart Price respectively.
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  18. To me, it's reminiscent of Erasure's own "Stop".
  19. No, it was Frankmusik and Richard X.
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