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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Rich T, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. I only have the hits compilation from 2003 and I'm thinking of delving deeper into their catalogue. Any recommendations where to start please?
  2. I think the best Erasure album is "Erasure" but it's atypical. Have a listen to all ten minutes of "Sono Luminus".

    I'd say that Wild or Chorus are both an excellent way in - The Innocents is their most well-known, I suspect but is quite weak once you get past the singles.
  3. The four singles box sets are fantastic but not at this stage. Each one has five discs and a lot of them are pretty full.
  4. Wild! is their best, not one filler.
  5. It's their 30th anniversary this year so I think they'll be doing something with their catalogue to mark that. Album box set? Another best of? I think Wild! needs a 2CD+DVD remaster too.
  6. There's a lot of Erasure to collect if you want to go down that route. Lots of box sets, CD singles, DVDs, etc. Their hits collection has been reissued and repackaged a few times (a few years ago it was made part of a box set, remastered with extra tracks and DVD of appearances).

    I agree with anfunny, Wild! is due for a reissue. The have done the previous albums in deluxe form but haven't gotten to Wild! yet.
  7. Such an incredible back catalogue to delve into!


    1. 'The Circus' or 'The Innocents'


    2. 'Chorus' or 'Erasure'


    3. 'Nightbird'


    4. 'The Violet Flame'

    Though I'd give honorary mention to 'Wonderland'; 'The Two Ring Circus'; 'Wild!' and 'Tomorrows World' as not at all bad places to begin either.
  8. I personally love the stripped down, vintage analogue sounds of the Chorus/I Say/Erasure albums but as seen in the current Erasure rate, it's not to everyone's taste. You may prefer their 80's stuff better, or even their new album which seems to have found a lot of new fans

    I think to begin with, I'd recommend The Innocents, Wild! and Chorus albums (which are all fairly inexpensive) and see which takes you favourite most.
  9. I'd recommened The Circus, Wild! and Chorus. If you like those, then perhaps try one of the better 90s/00s albums like the self-titled one from 1995 or Nightbird.
  10. The Innocents is their best album for me, great starting point.
  11. I think The Innocents is the general fan favorite. My personal favorite is Cowboy, followed by The Innocents and then (UNPOPULAR OPINION) Light at the End of the World.

    But I think the best move to make might be to get Pop! and Pop2!, which provide a much fuller overview than Hits!
  12. I'm somewhat unconventional when it comes to looking up new bands. I prefer to start off with the singles that "made them", and move from there. So, if you already have a greatest hits type of album, then I'd look up "fan faves" and notable b-sides on YouTube. Here are some of my very favorite Erasure tracks that you might not otherwise hear about:

    Fingers & Thumbs (might be on certain greatest hits compilations, but it's one of my very favorites)
    Breath of Life (same as above)
    Golden Heart
    Fly Away
    A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot
    All This Time Still Falling out of Love
    No Doubt (actually, I love all of Nightbird)
    Dead of Night
    Paradise (from Violet Flame album, not the b-side to Drama!)
    A Long Goodbye
    So the Story Goes
    La La La
    Waiting for Sex
    First Contact
    Worlds on Fire
    Glass Angel
    I Lose Myself
    Save Me Darling
    Perfect Stranger
    Waiting for the Day
    Under the Wave
    Smoke & Mirrors
  13. That's a great list. I'd forgotten all about First Contact til you mentioned it, haven't heard that one in ages.
  14. My earliest musical memory is of Erasure "Wild!" being played in the car.

    Bloody amazing album. Star was my first 'favourite' song.
  15. I feel so very old.
  16. I know it's an EP and not an album but I would say 'Crackers International' is a must have.
  17. I second this, fantastic EP. Found it on vinyl a few months ago, so good.
  18. I recently got the EBX box sets from a charity shop £20 for all of them sets 1 -4 couldn't believe it

    I almost wet myself with excitement and old age (i think)
  19. Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day) is one of the finest records ever made and Erasure's definitive moment. Second all those who say its parent album 'Erasure' is their best. A pity it was the real start of their commercial decline.

    P.S. Voulez Vous is their greatest cover.
  20. Bloody hell!! You'd be lucky to get one set for £40 quid, let alone all 4 for £20. Where the hell are these wonderfully stocked charity shops I keep reading about? The best my local ones have to offer is Lighthouse Family, Pato Banton and shit like that.
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