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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Rich T, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. How come a set like this hasn't been put up for pre order on Amazon?

    Putting me off pre ordering as I don't want the money to go out right now!
  2. SockMonkey

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    PledgeMusic / Lexer Music only as far as we're aware. Lexer don't take money straight off, do they?
  3. Same here! I hate paying for pre-orders up front. I think they should be charged when dispatched only. I'm currently into week 17 of something I pre-ordered and have still not received, so I'm waiting for Erasure to appear on Amazon. I did ask Lexer if it would be available anywhere else and they failed to reply.
  4. Any news on the release date of this? Bit confused as to when it will actually come out.
  5. I still haven't ordered it yet! But apparently, around the 25th it should be in people's hands. That was the latest update a couple of weeks back. I'll probably order this week...
  6. I'm surprised they haven't announced a release date, very odd.

    What site would you suggest ordering from?
  7. I had an email on this saying it was shipping on or around the 17th.
  8. It's exclusive to Lexer Music and Pledge... so those are your options! The release was 28th October, but they couldn't get it finished in time, it's just a delay now, so as soon as it's ready, it'll go out.
  9. I'll order it as soon as it starts to ship. Hate being charged ages in advance.
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  10. You posted more blogs!
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  11. Re-booted in July. Just had a long break. Now posting once a week.
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  12. @anfunny2003

    Did you or anyone get From Moscow To Mars?

    See this note on Discogs
    "Track 3-15 Elevation (Single Version) has a mastering error that clips off the first ~2 seconds of the song."

    Is this the case?

    Contemplating putting in an order....
  13. I finally ordered it 30th November, but I still don't have it. It's looking unlikely it'll arrive before Christmas now. I'm quite annoyed by it, as are many, some of whom have left complaints on the discussion page of Pledge Music. Apparently, the stock went to the wrong place, blah blah. They still sent an email out yesterday saying you can still get one of the last copies if you're quick, despite them not having it to send! So, yeah, I can't confirm about the error, sorry... but I'm sure it's correct. I read one (or two?) of the unreleased tracks aren't unreleased, either.
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  14. Thanks for letting me know! Just reading that discussion now; unacceptably poor service it seems. Not responding to emails is appalling, a real sign of flakiness. As for the continual errors in reissues.... Maybe it's time for a few "creatives" to step aside and let some accountants in to run things. At least there might be a greater chance of the latter having better attention to detail.
  15. I've had my From Moscow To Mars for over a week now. I ordered it from Lexer in the first week of pre-orders.

    I've just played Elevation (Single Version). It's exactly the same as the version on the Always compilation, which is also clipped.

    The version on Spotify has a second or two of extra intro, although that version is a second or two shorter than the running time on From Moscow To Mars and Always!

    The Little Boots remix of Blue Savannah is completely pointless and removes most of the vocals. Disappointing.

    Most of the 'unreleased' material was on the EIS compilation albums, which weren't proper commercial releases, but a lot of those tracks have been previously available to fans.

    Overall, the box-set is excellent quality, but there's not a lot of new stuff for uber-fans.
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  16. Thanks very much Karmacar. Ideally Lexer get more copies in or Amazon start selling it. Not much point in giving Pledge my money so they can sit on it over Christmas.
  17. I finally received my Erasure box set today. Very nice indeed - very smart and deluxe. I plan to dip in and out over the next few days (in between Christmas songs, obviously). I was glad to find a nice big hype sticker on the front after reading some moans about initial batches not having one.

    Also, finally watched the Human League DVD. Some great performances. I love Fascination on TOTP where they're all in a line (my favourite) and the Crash performances are great - they look so cool!
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  18. Good to hear about the Human League DVD - I bought the set but haven't opened it. I like the Very Best Of DVD so I am glad to hear there are some clips on the new DVD that make it even more worthwhile.

    I really would like the Erasure set but it's been an expensive year and I already have a lot of the stuff on it.
  19. anyone get tickets for the gigs in May? They have sold out.
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