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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Rich T, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. I totally forgot about the pre-sale!
  2. Well I finally got From Moscow To Mars from Amazon US.

    Lovely looking set. A little disappointed with the lack of essays, track notes but the music is top notch. Really like the curated sets from Andy and Vince and the B-sides selections are great. That's as far as I've got.
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  3. The three disc Always:The Very Best of deluxe edition set is currently £6.49 at Amazon.
  4. Had my dispatch notice for the new album from Pledgemusic yesterday so hoping for a quick delivery!
  5. As a huge Erasure fan I would say start from "The Circus" and "The Innocents". Those two are the essential Erasure album's, then follow with "Chorus", "Wonderland" and "Cowboy". Avoid "Loveboat" like the plague. Terrible album.
  6. My long-standing holy trinity is 'Chorus', 'Erasure' and 'Nightbird', though the last of those is probably being edged out by 'The Circus'.
  7. I never understand why folks hate Loveboat so much, it's my favourite of the post Chorus albums ...
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  8. I only got around to buying 'Loveboat' last year as I overlooked it on release. Don't recall it being awful but I don't recall it really grabbing my attention either.
  9. Erasure on One Show tonight performing the single Love You To The Sky
  10. I've been a massive fan of Erasure's singles for many years, but despite having all their albums I've yet to listen to one. I'll take the advice above when I get round to it, methinks.
  11. I started with the Innocent and never looked back.
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  12. Quite ashamed to say that I had never heard any of their music until a week ago (as far as I'm aware). Way before my time though so I'm sure I can be excused. Oh L'amour and Drama! are my faves so far.

    Chorus is up next.
  13. Top 5 Erasure albums for me:

    The Innocents
    The Circus
    I Say I Say I Say
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  14. They're seriously going for it with the next single. A new radio remix, a new b-side, 8 remixes by Bright Light x2, The Grid, Thunderpuss, 7th Heaven, Wideboys and a collectors box to store all three CD singles from this album in. I love it when acts think it's 1997.
  15. I love it when acts understand that a large part of their fanbase (who has been collecting all their physical releases for decades) are not going to switch to digital.
  16. Giving The Circus a spin (flash drives don’t do that anymore) … Still one of my very favourite albums ... Hideaway is the standout (and in a very non-PJ twist, I’m one of the few non gays here so it’s not for any other reason than it’s just a great track) …
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  17. It was always about Wild! for me. A true masterpiece.
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  18. Beautiful album!

    I'm finding myself buying Erasure product more through habit than any desire to listen to it at the moment. I've not even got around to playing the last two albums yet which is not a good sign.
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