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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Rich T, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. Wild! is my second favourite ... It used to be my undisputed favourite but La Gloria and Brother & Sister get on my aging nerves these days ... Such a great album/singles campaign though ... 10/10 on the packaging front ...
  2. Cant fault their work ethic and new Erasure is always welcome but of all the directions to take World Be Gone to, an orchestral version feels a bit pointless. The title World Beyond is inspired for a companion piece but I had hoped, if anything, the original album would get a pop upgrade. Some of the singles have been a glimpse into what World Be Gone could have been, a la...

    01 Be Careful What You Wish For! (Marsheaux's Paint A Rumour Remix)
    02 World Be Gone (Single Mix)
    03 Still It's Not Over
    04 Just A Little Love (Wider Productions Radio Edit)
    05 Unsung
    06 Sweet Summer Loving
    07 Love You To The Sky
    08 Nothing I Could Say
    09 Oh What A World (GRN Remix)
    10 I Need You Now
    11 A Bitter Parting

    A good album made great.
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