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Escape from YG's Dungeon (COMPLETE)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by send photo, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. I changed your score for [REDACTED] on the spreadsheet, but apparently forgot to write back. I'm sorry.

    If this is about the game, I ignored like 5 people's PMs asking me if I was the oppa cause I didn't wanna die ddddd.
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  2. Me, @RUNAWAY and @Kuhleezi in your inbox trying to pull you on our side :


    You :

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  3. So if Log unnie doesn't find the spy today can we just debut with our good spy sis.
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  4. Ok, but is log-unnie a hunty for the spies or the trainees?

    I swear I'm not a spy. So much that... if I'm telling the truth and survive, I'll post a video of me dancing pants-less (AMERICAN DEFINITION NOT BRITISH) to Kim Lip's Eclipse xoxo.

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  6. Just because i'm a banished binch with Raina's dodgy weave doesn't mean you can swipe my whole dance gig concept FIEND.

    I'd still watch & stan immensely.
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  7. Ddd at this point im so confused as to who could be a spy. I havent been keeping copious notes. One thing about the spy that I do know?

    It sure as SHIT aint me.
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  8. He


    Let's just post gifs of our former OC glory days.
  9. He


    Come catch the last spy, dear trainees.

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  10. What sHE said....
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  11. Is this a beyond the grave spy trick to get these girls to kill GeiPanda cause he's a trainee? Or is it a ploy to expose the last spy in your trio?

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  12. I vote for British definition if it turns out you are the spy.

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  13. All I'm saying is that I haven't gone through the entire game aligning myself in a trio with two spies.

  14. I tried. One comeback per year is just as bad as being trapped in pre-debut limbo. Good luck to those who will potentially debut.
  15. send photo

    send photo Guest

    DAY 8

    The log has decided, and he decided on...


    He was... a trainee. Kii. Poor @Big Bang but it sounds like y'all were just as stumped as he was. At this point in the game, without the special roles (oppa aside), you're basically relying on luck and this round seemed to be between @ThighHighs and @GeiPanda. Could it be possible that all of Orange Caramel were assigned spy roles by the randomizer? Is that an any more credible a lead than "He sounds mean like a spy you can hear it in his voice"? Do you believe in life after love?

    Find out who the lone spy kills tonight at... whenever he decides idk


    Rainbow Trousers
  16. Y’all really left two of the messiest trainees for last...

    Guess it’s between @Rainbow Trousers & @GeiPanda for who the spy is.

    Don’t fuck it up y’all.
  17. I will scream if @Rainbow Trousers is a spy, I even forgot he's still in this ddd.
  18. Oh come on. It’s STILL NOT OVER?!
  19. Already leaving a warm spot in my hole in the ground bed for tonight's eliminee.

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