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Escape from YG's Dungeon (COMPLETE)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by send photo, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. send photo

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  2. I'm just going to be a goshdarn solo artist, all remaining trainees and spy please vacate.

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  3. Okay but remember to leak your songs in full.
  4. He


    Not explicit enough.


    Whatever, I'm just going to go to the basement and sit in the corner.
  6. send photo

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    The last four killing eachother

    come back.gif
  7. send photo

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  8. send photo

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    Y'all magically clocking @He out of thin air

  9. send photo

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  10. send photo

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    what some trainees failed to see

  11. send photo

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  12. Poor Brown-Eyed Girls. First they were vetoed from PJ00s, now they're stuck in YG's @send photo 's dungeon.
  13. If y'all kill a trainee today then it's game over.

  14. To be fair, that accusation came straight out of the good ol' @junglefish shit-talking days between me and my protégé @Alouder98 (well he was the cop so the roles were probably in reverse).

    You see, we weren't entirely wrong.
  15. send photo

    send photo Guest

    no, he was a spy
  16. Me on my way to a surefire lawsuit.

  17. I hope Tinashe never releases Joyride. Well, not that she was ever going to, but still.
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  18. She's right. But psst... let's not reveal that he was the only one we guessed right. Remember when we were sure eliminathan and/or ThighHighs are the ones that write in Hangul.


    And our reasons for going for junglefish:


    A MESS
  19. Oh I'm sure you're an expert at swiping since you and @He stole my heart and BETRAYED ME.

    The OC subunit was a mistake on my part, but I disbanded it immediately when I began to see how suspicious those unnies were. @Squashua and He were so charming and I wanted to live out my clique fantasy. I should have known better that people are never nice to you for no reason.

    Well whatever happens... I had fun with you girls despite the anxiety, kimchi toenails and broken promises.

    And that's sincerely GeiNana.

  20. Not me measuring the length of each name in the Hacker's original chat log and finding a short name that's not as long as R92s but then dead unnies already had their own tea.
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