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Estonia 2017: Koit Toome & Laura - Verona

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Up N Down, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Eesti Laul 2017 has a pretty good selection of songs this year and some of them are quite PopJustice worthy so decided to make a topic.

    I guess one of the most notable artists to mention is Kerli who has had some international success (also a co-writer of Demi Lovato's 'Skyscraper').

    On the other hand we have a more traditional Eurovision song which was composed by the composer of 2009 and 2011 Eesti Laul winning songs. This one seems to be the public's favourite at this point.

    Another one worth mentioning that the PopJustice folks might like is a newcomer Ariadne with an understated electronic pop song. Could do well also.

    The first semi-final is this Saturday.
  2. First semifinal trailer
  3. That performance of Spirit Animal was out of this world. I hope she gets to represent Estonia this year.
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  4. Spirit Animal is ah-mazing. Gonna give those other tracks a listen now.
  5. So when do we find out whether Kerli has got it or not?
  6. The Eesti Laul final is on the 4th March.
  7. She has it....pimp slot in the final and lots of jury love
  8. If only Verona & Spirit Animal weren't competing against each other for one spot - they're both great & would be highlights of the semis thus far.

    San Marino in probably in desperate need of an entry & they're pretty close to actual Verona so...
  9. I really don't think Sprit Animal has anything on Verona as a song. Is this Kerli really famous there, so I'm to be dissapointed?
  10. That Spirit Animal track is The Knife meets ESC.
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  11. Kerli is such a great artist with the full package, I'm praying she gets this. I'm going to Estonia 2 weeks after Eurovision takes place and I'm seriously considering moving my holiday forward to cheer her on if she gets it.
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  12. Yeah I agree Laura and Koit would be a better choice than Kerli
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  13. They need to sort the staging out though because it's high levels of meh-meets-subdued-telenovela at the moment. The song is great & deserves something to match it if they want to get past Kerli
  14. She will, 99% sure.
  15. Don't have anything against Kerli and her performance was better than 'Verona' but the song kind of sucks. 'Verona' is a great song with great vocals but you wouldn't know it from the performance.
  16. The cheesy close-up reaction shots in the Verona performance are everything though
  17. Those are the best.
  18. Verona won.

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  19. Poor Kerli :(
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  20. Sigh. I do really like the song don't get me wrong but the performance of it is edging on old-fashioned. Also slightly concerning for them that the jury there ranked them 6th, as I figured they'd do better on that side of things.
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