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Estonia 2017: Koit Toome & Laura - Verona

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Up N Down, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Yes. Finally a decent song through. This has taken the edge of Loreen, slightly.
  2. I think with the Loreen meltdowns taking centre stage, people haven't realised Kerli also flopped...
  3. This was never going to be a jury favorite. The fact that they even got this high with the jury was a very pleasant surprise. They even got 12 points twice!

    I am BEYOND thrilled that this won. People can say it's dated or whatever but it has a strong melody and it hooks you with the first listen. So happy for Sven Lõhmus, Laura and Koit.
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  4. I quite like this, enjoyed 'Verona' more than Kerli's track. Also, Elina Born, who represented Estonia in 2015, finished last in this final with the least points from both juries and televoters. That is even worse than Loreen. Maybe.
  5. Revamped:

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  6. They shouldn't do lyric videos for songs that don't make much sense in English.
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  7. Laura said she will probably not be taking part in Eesti Laul again (jokingly referring to Koit that maybe in 19 years). Apparently she promised herself this already before the Eesti Laul final and I guess last night's result sealed it.
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  8. I'm sad that Laura now has a 0/2 qualification record at eurovision.
    I hope she gets to experience the grand final someday
  9. #justiceforkerli

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  10. One of the Top 3 best songs from this year has been eliminated already. RIP Verona!
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  11. My absolute favourite this year, but watching back the was pretty awful.
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  12. It was just a very safe and quite boring song if I'm honest, which failed to stand out amongst the others.
    I do believe that had Kerli got through they'd be in the grand final quite easily.
  13. Mvnl

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    His faces towards the camera did my head in.
  14. He looked like he was about to punch the camerman.
  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    He looked like they didn't only take musical cues from the likes of Modern Talking.
    Especially the wink was just too much. But having a camera on him when she was singing was a choice anyway.
  16. I do like Verona, and it should have gone through, but from an objective standpoint you could argue it was probably too cheesy for the Juries and not modern enough for the Televote. Curse of the Eurofan fave.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. I imagine they both have jobs to go back to in Estonia - i'm guessing morning tv?
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  19. This is, genuinelly, one of the Top 3 songs of this year. That melody is a face slap and a stormer.
  20. I just realised the lyric isn't 'like two silly boats in the sea'.
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