As you know, Kelle and Easthe had a brief stint back together. untill it all got cancelled. Well Neil Shaun on sky news shobiz, is saying this :,,50240-1227505,00.html

"Remember Eternal - they had ten top ten hits during their stint as the UK's answer to En Vogue in the nineties?

Well, first there were four and then Louise went solo. Kelle Bryan also quit the band to go solo can now be seen in her bikini on the reality TV show Love Island.

However, fans of the band may want to know that a planned greatest hits album is due and the original line-up are set to join a nostalgic tour, along with fellow nineties chart stars like Dina Carroll.

Kelle told me: "We're all the best of friends right now and never really said goodbye to our fans. This will give us that chance and if they still like us we may even reform on a more permanent level."

Great to have you back girls."

as we are usually aware, we cant believe much of what this man says. But thought id share it anyway. And also, isnt he just mizing all this up with the Arena tour that was going to happen?
of all the acts that have disappeared since the 90s, for some reason, i think Eternal really could have another shot at it. with a good record, Radio 2 could be all over them.
Neil Sean is just as bad as Rav is about these kind of stories. I bet Victoria Newton sleeps happy at night knowing she's not the worst showbiz journalist despite trying very hard to be.
Kelle told me: "We're all the best of friends right now and never really said goodbye to our fans

No Kelle, they said goodbye to you!
Did anyone ever read the interview Kelle did just after the tour was cancelled? It made me see her in a whole new light - going on about how she and Easther don't talk but they only reunited cos the money was too good to refuse.

I was just thinking "At least lie about it"
Oh I don't know, why lie? I doubt that it matters to most fans what the motive was for reforming, as long as they get to see them perform. In any case, that's exactly what all these hokey reunion tours are all about. They're a cynical move to screw money out of people who want to see former favourites perform live again; there are few performers who do it out of the goodness of their hearts.

"We just wanted to do this for the fans" usually translates as "I need a new kitchen."
Yeah, I know that - but it would be like Shayne Ward saying he wants to win the x factor so he can bail out his criminal family so they're able to rape and kill more people.

It's not good business sense!
It's got a direct quote from her so it can't be completely made up. Or am I just being naive? Usually if it wasn't true it'd be "a source tells me"
This is Neil Shaun. I'm expecting one week to have direct quotes from Elvis listed on his pages. He's obviously found an old press release of the tour that was going to happen with En Vogue, Dina Carroll etc. and forgot to look at the date. I'm sure Victoria Newton is in fact Neil Shaun in drag.
what a load of crap. that guy talks out of his arse.

i couldnt see all 4 of them gettin' back together. maybe a trio or duo but not all four. i dont think Louise would go back.
The tour was only ever going to be Kelle and Easther anyway, with Kelle quite openly admitting she was only doing it for the money.
according to a source, which means its probably not true, but eternal are coming back in 2008 :

90's girl band Eternal are set to return in 2008. The band are set to do a full UK tour as well as bring out a new album.

Sisters Easther and Vernie Bennett are already signed up for the reunion, however Kéllé Bryan, who quit the band in 1998, is still deciding whether to join the girls after a bitter bust up which lead to her exit. Louise Redknapp, who was in the band for just over a year, will not be joining them.

The band are also considering recruiting a new member to join them.

Easther Bennett and Kéllé Bryan did reunite previously in 2006.
Re: Eternal - New album / Tour 2008!?

I'd be quite pleased to see them back at least as a three-piece. Or even better a four-piece. That'd be quite amazing.

It was a shame it all broke down after the greatest hits, because they should have had some mileage in them.