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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by wayne power, May 17, 2009.

  1. One of my favourite bands growing up. Very underrated , miss them lots. One of the greatest British girl bands of all time. Shame they fizzled out with their lasta lbum with just Easther an dVernie. Anyone know what the Bennett sisters are up to. Some great moments from them......
    Just A Step From Heaven
    Oh baby I
    Angel Of Mine
    Power Of A Woman
    I Am Blessed
    Good Thing

    Absolutely loved them.
  2. slimane

    slimane Guest

    Vernie went back to uni and studied law...Esther occasionally pops up doing session vocalist work but also works as a beauty therapist!!!
  3. always and forever is terrific and weirdly soulful!
  4. I remember listening to the Top 40 to see where I Wanna Be the Only One would chart. When they announced number 2 I was gutted as I thought it had missed the chart altogether! Imagine my elation at finding out the it had hit the top spot!

    I thought Eternal were awesome, although I much preferred them as a singles act, as a couple of their albums had a lot of filler. I still view them as obsession preparation, for I was seriously into them before the arrival of the Spice Girls, which took over my life for a little while...
  5. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    The first album is 94 urban pop perfection. I loved how it climbed and re climbed and was huge after the 3rd single selling a million+ in the UK alone. Didn't bother with POAW (did Smash Hits give it a bad review?) but bought it used last year - never listened though - the singles were hot as were the ones from Before The Rain, BUT my god what filler!

    Their best of is amazing though, I wish it had a proper dvd to go with it.
  6. I think their Best Of is one of my all time fave greatest hits albums. Fond memories of pullinga sickie from school so I could stay at home all day and listen to it. What exactly happened with Vernie and Esther and Kellie Bryan. Is there still bad blood between them?
  7. slimane

    slimane Guest

    Kellie pretty much wished death upon them when she first left...she said she was fired without being told...they said she had been going on about leaving for ages and they put the greatest hits out way earlier than they wanted to because they thought she was off. Since Kellie "Found god" etc...they are intouch but I don't think they will ever be best friends. It was a shame about the "Eternal" project being such a flop its probably the coolest, most soulfull thing they ever did but "Watcha gonna do" not making much of a dent pretty much killed did the Bennett sisters' reputation being at an all time low (after they kicked Kelle out they got in a new girl called TJ but she told them where to go after a few months because they were such a nightmare).
  8. My all-time favourite Eternal track is Secrets - it's good enough to be a TLC CrazySexyCool track. That one just melts.

    The rest are kind of curious: they were mostly compared unfavourably to American acts, but their sound was never remotely craving for credibility - they were most definately pop (and repreatedly nominated, as filler, in the dance category at the Brits).

    Save Our Love is still exciting, and the novelty of getting to hear the other girls sing on Crazy was huge fun as they all sounded really good. I totally get that Esther could sing them to shame, but to me that song is evidence that their were opportunities missed. Louise's solo career is further proof as it didn't, as it turns out, stray all that far from her old band anyway.

    I Am Blessed and Someday are very similar, and ought to be remembered as amomg the definative ballads of the 90s alongside Celine and Whitney, etc.

    I've never liked Stay though, but I did actually have a crush on Louise at the time - there has only ever been her, Claudia and the androgynous one from Ladytron who had me fooled for about 10 minutes.
  9. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Oh I had a crush on Louise too and my girlfriend at the time looked liked her. Shrink here I come!
  10. Hmm, I think I wanted to be her rather than shag her though vasilios.
  11. Can you imagine what Leona would do with I Am Blessed. Aww they were such fantastic ballads. Oh Baby I is a total forgotten gem.
  12. slimane

    slimane Guest

    I though you were a Ga-Hey?
  13. Eternal are my favourite band of all time. They were my first musical obsession when I was about 9 or 10. Only got to see them in concert once though - on the 'Before the rain' tour. I met Easther a few years ago and we had a chat about why her solo career has never taken off. She said something like "It's not about talent anymore". She's such an amazing vocalist. I really want a bloody reunion now! I had front row tickets for the ill-fated Arena Tour, although I knew as soon as it was announced it would never happen!
  14. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Not till I was 27 and a half.
  15. I know , I was completely the same. Was mildly gutted when the Spice Girls came along and blew everything else away. When 'I Wanna Be the Only One ' got to Number1 , I could've cried. That weeks TOTP was a moment. -" This weeks Number 1 -its Eternal " After all the Top 10's.
    They used to show up a ot of the other acts at the Poll Winners party too.
  16. Technically Eternal were the first act I saw live, when I caught them supporting Dina Carroll on her So Close tour [gets misty eyed about the plethora of 90s soul divas before female artist imagery went all Arse over Duffy].

    They were terrific. I find it depressing that anything would stand in the way of Easther pushing herself forward and forging her own solo path, because she's a good looking lass with a mighty voice, who could so easily be having a Beverley-Knight-esque career now.
  17. 1993/4 were the best years for music in the last two decades. I miss Dina and Eternal!
  18. 1994 was a landmark year in music. All4One's " I Swear " was released and Mariah was the biggest female singer in the world post -Madonna "Sex ".
  19. slimane

    slimane Guest

    They just played Just a step from heaven on Kiss FM! It sounded great!
  20. I wish something - anything - would happen to bring the girls back together :-(
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