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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by wayne power, May 17, 2009.

  1. What a sublime singles run.
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  2. Even though I fail to see what Louise brought to the group (any -wise), I think their best tracks are the ones with her, and that little Remix EP (The Platinum something) is a great little collection that always surprises me when I go back to it.
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  3. I was listening to their take of Let's Stay Together the other day. They really did justice to such a classic song.
  4. My recent obsession has been This Love is For Real. Amazing that after all six brilliant singles, this track was left sitting on the album. Such a strong debut.
  5. I played their Power Of A Woman album this afternoon, and realised I need to listen to it more often. The run of songs from 7-13 are just amazing!
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  6. Nnñ at her talking about her lupus and getting interrupted about how she got sacked from Eternal.
  7. Poor Kelle!

    She does indeed look fantastic though.
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  8. HRH


    Oh man. I feel so bad for her.
  9. How awful, she really is so beautiful and clearly such a strong person.

    Also, Higher Than Heaven is a massive tune.
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  10. I was getting a bit emotional there. She's a beautiful person and I feel so bad. Girl is a fighter, though.
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  11. That was really emotional watching that, she has done fantastic. And yes Higher Than Heaven is a tune, I bought the single and still listen to it randomly.
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  12. I slept on that song for far too long! I love it now though, easily could've continued their run of hits from Always & Forever.
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  13. I'll Be There is also amazing. Lush.
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  14. Anyone ever seen this:

  15. I had it on VHS, and now I have it on DVD.
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  16. I bought the Greatest Hits dvd from Germany a couple of years ago. The quality of the stuff on YouTube is atrocious (well at least it used to be).
  17. No, and I thank you big time for posting!
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  18. Ain't No How I'm Steppin' just came on, followed by I've Got To Be With You. God this group had strong B sides (exempting the Disney years).
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  19. I am partial to A Friend is a Friend and Loving You, but yes they really were quite generous with B-sides, like our girl Louise.
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