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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by wayne power, May 17, 2009.

  1. Yes, I am a Disney stan, and even they did nothing for me.
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  2. Disney years???
  3. HRH


    I'm guessing they mean:

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  4. Month more like.
  5. Someday, easily my least favourite Eternal single.
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  6. Weak song for a weak Disney movie.
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  7. It's just so meh that song. They deserved something much better than that.
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  8. Any love for this one?

  9. Oh, for the days when girl groups wore clothes and didnt dance like strippers
  10. I like Save Our Love a lot but think I'd like it more if they hadn't also got Just A Step From Heaven in their repertoire. For me it gets overshadowed by it.
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  11. Brilliant but alas forgotten follow up to Stay. That final key change is especially awesome.
  12. Ironically it's the only song I remember from them growing up.
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  13. Not bad one to remember! I was always playing to it on my tape copy of the Greatest Hits when I was 7 he he.
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  14. I was too busy stanning for
  15. Anything juicy/interesting?
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  16. Some stuff about why the group didn't get on personally. Also a very funny section about them not liking "Save our love". Lots of stuff I hadn't heard before. The Louise leaving thing really hit them hard.
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  17. Louise walked out of Eternal, at that point the biggest girl band in the UK, the day before Robbie walked out of Take That.

    24 hours that devastated pop.
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  18. But then we got three albums she was actually allowed to sing on!
  19. Yeah both Louise and Robbie were sort of along for a ride in their respective groups, and left to achieve genuine success and became big names. Fan favorites, but barely audible.
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