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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by wayne power, May 17, 2009.

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  2. That Gif!
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  3. Was wondering how people would rank the singles? Mine would go as follows in order from best to worst:
    2.Oh Baby I...
    3.I Wanna Be The Only One
    4.Power Of A Woman
    6.Just A Step From Heaven
    7.Save Our Love
    8.Good Thing
    9.Don't You Love Me
    10.Angel Of Mine
    11.So Good
    12. What'cha Gonna Do?
    13.I'm Blessed

    That was HARD.
  4. Louise is not going to become just a backing singer now
  5. Yes, she will certainly put her foot down in that respect I think. She's been solo longer than ever part of the group after all.
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  6. Just A Step From Heaven
    Oh Baby I
    I Am Blessed
    I Wanna Be The Only One
    Good Thing
    Save Our Love
    Don't You Love Me
    Angel Of Mine
    Power Of A Woman
    So Good
    the rest
    Vernie's fax machine out of paper beeping
    What'cha Gonna Do
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  7. Bearing in mind that songs 1-12 are at least an 8.5/10 I was hesitant to say best to worst, but this is probably my favourite to least favourite:
    1. On Baby I... (Radio Mix)
    2. Just A Step From Heaven
    3. Crazy
    4. Save Our Love
    5. I Wanna Be The Only One
    6. Angel Of Mine
    7. Stay
    8. Good Thing
    9. Power Of A Woman
    10. I Am Blessed
    11. So Good
    12. Someday
    13. Don't You Love Me
    14. What'cha Gonna Do
    15. Secrets
  8. 1. Just A Step From Heaven
    2. Stay
    3. Oh Baby I....
    4. Power Of A Woman
    5. Save Our Love (love this track.....shame the ladies don’t)
    6. Don’t You Love Me
    7. Angel Of Mine
    8. Crazy
    9. I Am Blessed
    10. Secrets
    11. Good Thing
    12. I Wanna Be The Only One (only due to over play)
    13. Watcha Gonna Do
    14. So Good
    15. Someday
  9. Ooh fun!

    1. I Am Blessed.
    2. Power Of A Woman.
    3. Oh Baby I.
    4. Don't You Love Me.
    5. Someday.
    6. I Wanna Be The Only One (also only due to over play)
    7. Crazy.
    8. Watcha Gonna Do.
    9. So Good (forgot how much I love this).
    10. Angel Of Mine.
    11. Save Our Love.
    12. Secrets (lovely vocals and production but felt like such a step down after Power and Blessed).
    13. Just A Step From Heaven (easily the song I find most synonymous with the group).
    14. Stay (pretty basic for a debut).
    15. Good Thing.

    Re-listening made me realise how great their debut is and what a radio staple it was in 93- 94.
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  10. Whatcha Gonna Do is a bop.
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  11. 1.I Am Blessed
    2. Power of a Woman
    3. Don't You Love Me
    4. Angel of Mine
    5. Someday
    6. Just A Step From Heaven
    7. Oh Baby I...
    8. Stay
    9. I Wanna Be The Only One
    10. Save Our Love
    11. Good Thing
    12. Secrets
    12. So Good
    13. Crazy
    14. What'cha Gonna Do?

    Power of a Woman was my first album purchase, baby gay me had taste.
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  12. I'm surprised how Someday differs for people. I rate it up the top, others at the bottom!
  13. 1. Stay
    2. Save Our Love
    3. So Good
    4. I Wanna Be The Only One
    5. Just a Step from Heaven
    6. Angel of Mine
    7. Crazy
    8. Oh Baby I
    9. Secrets
    10. Don't You Love Me
    11. Power of a Woman
    12. I Am Blessed
    13. Who Are You
    14. What'cha Gonna Do
    15. Good Thing
    16. Someday

    I genuinely love 1-10.
  14. OK babes! (I think I'm stanning most of Angel Of Mine around here - I adore the melody)

    1. Just a Step from Heaven
    2. Angel of Mine
    3. Stay
    4. Don't You Love Me
    5. Crazy
    6. I Wanna Be The Only One
    7. I Am Blessed
    8. Save Our Love
    9. Oh Baby I
    10. Power of a Woman
    11. Someday
    13.So Good
    14. Who Are You
    15. Good Thing
    16. What'cha Gonna Do
  15. I didn't know that the girls don't like Save Our Love! Such a shame in my view, great and underrated follow up to Stay.
  16. This was SO hard! 2-7 basically swap around on a day to day basis:

    1. Just A Step From Heaven
    2. Good Thing
    3. Power Of A Woman
    4. Don’t You Love Me?
    5. Stay
    6. Save Our Love
    7. Secrets
    8. Crazy
    9. I Am Blessed
    10. Whatcha Gonna Do?
    11. So Good
    12. Oh baby I
    13. Who Are You?
    14. I Wanna Be The Only One
    15. Angel Of Mine
    16. Someday

    I find it weird that anyone wouldn't have 'Just A Step' at number one - it's just SUCH a perfect song...
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  17. Kelle explains it in the recent podcast. She said none of them loved it as it was just so “pop” whilst they wanted a more RnB direction but as was their first album had to compromise.
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  18. JASFH is probably their best. I remember not having The Box (in fact we didn't have Sky or Cable at the time) and I was desperate to see the video. I had seen a snippet on The Chart Show (back when it was on a Sunday TV) and it looked very American. Eventually I had the VHS of theirs and it was on that!
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  19. 1 Power of a Woman
    2 Don’t You Love Me?
    3 Just A Step From Heaven
    4 I Wanna Be The Only One
    5 Secrets
    6 Angel of Mine
    7 Whatcha Gonna Do
    8 I Am Blessed
    9 Good Thing
    10 Stay
    11 Someday
    12 Oh Baby I
    13 Save Our Love
    14 Crazy
    15 So Good
  20. Ten Deep Cuts:

    It Will Never End
    Don’t Make Me Wait
    Redemption Song
    Up To You
    Think About Me
    Why Am I Waiting
    I’m Still Crying
    Missing You
    Your Love Makes Me Weak
    Treat Me Like A Lady
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