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Ethel Cain - Preacher's Daughter (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jonathan27, Mar 3, 2021.

  1. Hard Times appears to be among the most popular non-singles on the album, which very much makes sense with my fantasy.
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  2. Unrelated but yas at linking her best album.
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  3. And, like Preacher's Daughter, produced with Matt Tomasi I know that's right!
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  4. It was pushed to some playlists on Spotify when released - I remember seeing it. Definitely seems like the only remotely single-worthy track left!
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  5. Maybe I’m confused but isn’t Preacher’s Daughter self-produced?
  6. Oh, I didn't mean to imply that it wasn't (I do use "produced by (x)" fairly liberally dd) but he worked closely with her on it in Toronto

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  7. Oh I see! I know she said that she had a close working relationship on the album with some friends, thanks for clarifying. The album has such a tight grip of me that I think about it most of the time when I'm free.
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  8. i just listened to this holy shit fuck

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  9. New podcast interview with FADER:

    It's a great listen. I could listen to her talk about her art for ages
  10. The guitar solo coming in at the end of A House In Nebraska might just be the most cathartic music moment of the year.
  11. Yeah, A House in Nebraska has been on repeat the last two days for me. What a song.
  12. I’m just reading her album description on Apple music and…

  13. Welcome to the life & death of Ethel Cain.
  14. She did an AMA on Reddit last week! A couple of fun/interesting tidbits:

    • Hard Times took her the longest to write of any song on the album (she said she went through 100+ versions of it).
    • She's still planning on releasing an EP/B-Sides for Preacher's Daughter with 5-6 songs, tentatively. Confirmed that she definitely wants Dust Bowl on it as it's her favorite 'recent song' she's done and Waco, Texas on it as well.
    • In the first time I've heard her mention it, she alluded to the other two albums in the trilogy being distinct sonically to Preacher's Daughter while still being planned as 'ethereal/dreamy/slowcore'. Right now she's planning on the second album being psychedelic/70's inspired and the third album being spooky and folksy.
    • She tattooed her lyric "God loves you but not enough to save you" on herself.
    • Her favorite Florence + The Machine song is Cosmic Love.
    • When asked about the biggest misconception of the south:
  15. This album...

    I have not completely dived into the lyrics because I still have one more exam to go before I'm free for the summer and a girl's gotta focus, but I don't think many albums are capable of creating an atmosphere like this one. I keep playing and replaying almost every single song every time I play the whole damn thing because I want to relisten to specific bits here and there. It's all so... rich?

    It feels like she could be in the cusp of turning huge. And she should!
  16. I finally dove into the album this past weekend after mentally preparing myself for the last month after hearing about the concept. I’m pretty sensitive to some of the subject matter, so I just needed to be in the right mind to get into it. But when I say this has consumed me and quickly became top 5 of the year… whew
  17. It's a very heavy album concept wise, and with more than half of the song being over 4-5 minutes it can be overwhelming. But the album is truly a work of art and one of the most impactful albums for me personally in the last five years at least. Repeated listens have really made it all open up so much, because Ethel is really great at writing melodies that stick with you. I look forward to dive into the rest of the cain women's stories once she continues the trilogy.
  18. Angel nearly overtook Ethel in my top spot but Preacher's Daughter is holding firm for me, at least for now. Hard Times is probably going to end up being my most played song of the year regardless.
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  19. I know it's about her man or whatever but given her dark themes also thinking Western Nights both verses being about the same person, like a story about a younger woman and her 'daddy' but also a sick daughter / father relationship... ugh her mind.
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