Ethel Cain - Preacher's Daughter

She released her debut EP in 2019 and after signing to an independent label last year she's returned with this absolute monster of a song. There are shades of Avril Lavigne but more atmospheric while driving down the coast at sunset and I'm fucking living for it. The EP had some good potential but Michelle Pfeiffer seems like a fully realized soundscape that has me incredibly perched for what comes next.

@Petty Mayonnaise @Andy French @slaybellz @Mushroom @Trouble in Paradise @aux I think y'all might dig it!
FYI for anyone who wants to learn a little more about her background (plus some EP info!) this interview is great:

It's funny that she mentions being friends with Nicole Dollanganger, because both of them had the same stark, entrancing impact on me the first time I played their music. I cannot wait to see where she goes from here - the EP sounds like it's going to be insane (the track with Wicca Phase Springs Eternal is apparently ten minutes long), plus she mentions that she wants to release her debut full-length next year and that it's been in the works since 2018.
Having digested her discography as Ethel Cain up to now over the last two weeks and now this new song, I can officially confirm that she does not, in fact, miss, and we have decided to stan forever.

Also, she’s filming something according to her Instagram story. If we get a video for the 10+ minute “Southern gothic epic” with Wicca Phase Springs Eternal I will lose my shit
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Michelle Pfeiffer kind of brushed past me a bit (in part because that aaron-creature being there gave me some spotify-pop connotations it probably didn't quite deserve) but Crush hooked me right away. Which might've very well just've been the chorus of it sounding so much like The Japanese House, honestly, nn. @slaybellz @2014 sis get into it.