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Ethel Cain - Preacher's Daughter

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jonathan27, Mar 3, 2021.

  1. What was it?
  2. She quote retweeted Pitchfork's 'catch the amazing Ethen Cain etc' post about her playing their festival with 'me when I lie'
  3. It's funny that these are all the reasons why I love it so much. Been trying to recommend it to others, but they usually come back and say it's too heavy for them. Their loss! But I also get it. Personally, I love that it is the aural equivalent to an absolutely oppressively hot and humid summer (for everyone who kept saying this should be a fall/winter record... wyd), and that some of the songs sort of meander until they combust in that heat. Similar to Ultraviolence, which I saw brought up before, but this feels so much darker and real because Lana's album was a response to critical backlash and being thrust into the spotlight, whereas this album sits in the middle of a swamp away from all that.

    I saw some midwest/south debate while going through the thread earlier, and as someone who has lived in both Florida and Minnesota, I think the album completely encapsulates them both. You'll find a lot of crossover when you get to those rural areas where there's little to no connection to the world beyond the town limits and your closest neighbor is more than 2 miles away.

    There were things I was scared of going in to this album having an idea of the themes it was covering, but I've actually found it to be a great comfort over the last week or so that I weirdly relate to.
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  4. Every once in a while, an album comes along that makes an undeniable and surprisingly strong organic connection, even if it's not, in theory, your thing. This is one of those for me-- it just strikes something deeper.

    I absolutely love the album as a concept/story, and the individual songs deliver every time, too. For a debut, it has a borderline impossible clarity of vision. I'll admit, I've made a playlist that integrates Crush, Michelle Pfieffer (right after American Teenager) and Golden Age (after Gibson Girl) into the tracklist- and taken out Ptolemaea, which I love it on its own terms, but I can't face it every time I want to listen. It's a shocking and strong body of work.

    I can't wait to see what she does next. I also desperately need some good remixes ASAP.
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  5. She’s a goddamn revelation. I haven’t been this completely bowled over by an artist or album in literal years. There’s not a lot to be added to all the wonderful engagements recounted here, but it is very rare to have such vast ambition matched so completely by talent and execution. To craft this sad, wretched thing that’s overlaid with the macabre, but still manages to be genuinely beautiful.

    I must admit that I went into it expecting acoustic whisper bops, but it’s so robust and pop-minded? The varied and sensational vocal processing and production when matched with that storytelling is so frequently staggering. I found myself just gasping for breath at multiple points, about to be pushed into some unknown ether. Like all instant classics, it feels like it has existed all along. And like we've only gleaned a fraction of what swirls her dazzling mind. Like, fuck!

  6. Love to see Florence stanning out for this album on Instagram. Taste!
  7. It's probably my album of the year after Motomami. It's the kind of album you can't get enough, every time is better.
  8. Courtney Love was stanning the other day too. Love (pun not intended) how she keeps up with new artists.
  9. Wow those are, as the kids say, a serve.
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  10. She is the moment.

    I’ve had Unpunishable on repeat today.
  11. I was in the literal Ozarks last week with my boyfriend's family and finally wrestled control over the music from his older brother after listening to endless bro country only to be heckled for ten songs straight about my choices. Exasperated, I threw my summer playlist on shuffle and suddenly his 15 year old son was like 'this is more like it!'

    Crush was playing. Let the indoctrination begin!

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  12. She and this album had come up in trust-worthy taste circles of late and Florence’s story forced my hand to give it a go. It was too heavy as a whole for my morning commute but I loved what I heard in the first third. American Teenager has gone straight on the bops playlist and the rest sounds very atmospheric. I’ll return to finish the listen tomorrow probably!
  13. Ok here I am just under a week later and this album had me a chokehold today. Fuck. It wouldn’t work at all if it wasn’t so beautifully executed but it’s all exquisite. I’m not feeling the most upbeat I’ve ever felt, or mentally secure, maybe for the first time in my life, and I needed an album like this to reflect that back at me a bit. Sometimes we feel like a Victorian ghost on a hot day, ok?! Or whatever the storyline is.
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  14. Ethel is so, so exciting - those pictures are breathtaking.
  15. I’ve been waiting for her to post this to her feed like she said she would, but she hasn’t, so sharing the recording of what I thought was a very interesting and good live she did addressing her use of American aesthetics and all that and how that will be changing in her future work

    Edit: Jk, it is on her page:

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  16. It's been there since the night of, just under her "TV" tab for some reason. Probably because it's long
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  17. Oh! Duh, I don’t know why I didn’t check that. Let me edit the post then.
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