Ethel Cain - Preacher's Daughter

It's the serve of Music + Concept for me.

Actually even just the music would do it because it is amazing. I've been showing her to all my friends and even the ones more into "pure pop only pls" are vibing and enjoying the whole character-storytelling. Cannot wait for the next steps.

Babygirl needs to win the BUDGET to get the music videos she wants and deserves.
Now can someone tell me why ethel's neighbour's brother came to my house in an amazon box. Not mad, just wondering
Your momma calls me sometimes
To see if I’m doing well
And I lie to her
And say that I’m doing fine
When really I’d kill myself
To hold you one more time

is breathtaking levels of painful. Absolutely absurd. The first time I heard it, it was a quiet ache that made me curl up into myself. I feel like screaming it these days. The way she’s become one of my favorite songwriters ever, this early on…I’m frightened at the thought of what she’s capable of doing, moving forward. What an artist.
What still guts me is how she circles back to it in Sun Bleached Flies

And I'm still praying for that house in Nebraska
By the highway, out on the edge of town
Dancing with the windows open
I can't let go when something's broken
It's all I know and it's all I want now

Cinematic feels inadequate as a descriptor. It's beautiful in its tragedy.
It’s been two months since I started listening to her music and I still go back to her every single day. It’s been forever since an act has had this effect on me (since MUNA maybe?) and it’s one of my favourite things.

I’ve been obsessed with Hard Times this week. Despite the dark subject matter I find the melody weirdly comforting, especially the outro.
I think the Carpet Bed EP is so slept on, Growing Pains and Misuse Oh get as much play as any of Preacher's Daughter from me.

I keep forgetting we're supposed to be getting the B sides EP the first half of this year, I feel like her world has expanded so quickly given that Michelle Pfeiffer just turned 2 years old recently!
She posted a sketch of Willoughby on her stories earlier too. Also her new look seems very inspired by the character. I wonder if it's for the side project (which I think was separate to the b-sides?)

It should be a separate project yes, unless something changes down the funnel! I'm not sure how much this was conjecture but I believe the side project was to appease L*ke and get out of her contract faster whereas the B sides are focused on expanding the universe of Preacher's Daughter.