Ethel Cain - Preacher's Daughter

I went back to read Preacher's Daughter anniversary post and let me tell you that when I got to "ethel cain, you will always be" my rotted brain automatically went FAMOUS sjsjsskskjskjskjskjskjskjs.

She's just precious. Raw talent, creativity, etc etc etc.

I hope she's doing well and getting ready for whatever's coming next. Some time ago it felt like things were gearing up for new music but then nothing happened, which is fine; she deserves all time in the world and if there's nothing else ever coming, at least she managed to create a real masterpiece with Preacher's Daughter.
Honestly Kathy Griffin got put on a no-fly list and was almost charged with conspiracy to assassinate for her Trump-head photo, so Hayden might actually get a phone call lol
Madonna was also reportedly questioned for saying she thought about blowing up the White House. So she’ll absolutely be getting a visit nn
Consistent queen

I genuinely can't believe she still has that story up dd. Yikes. I'm sure we'll be hearing about her visit from the feds soon.