Ethel Cain - Preacher's Daughter

So per fans at her show tonight in Paris she performed two more new songs, apparently called "Punish" and "Amber Waves" (and also, I think, she did a cover of Bette Davis Eyes?). There's also new merch that looks DELICIOUS
Oh I forgot to mention that it seems Amber Waves is, in fact, "i keep the angel". I'm so relieved to have a title after scrobbling the teaser as "Nothing To Me" like 100 times dd
I am so desperate for a ticket for her Friday show in Dublin that I’ve just been scammed by a bot on Twitter. People suck.
Just sold my ticket for London tonight as I'm not sure I'm feeling "in the mood" enough for her music while in a more upbeat place at this point in time. Hope I don't regret my decision!
She was profiled in Vogue recently about her fashion, and of particular interest is this:
Ethel Cain uses fashion to shine a light on Americana in its many forms, from a (Givenchy) cheerleading uniform to a Budweiser tank top. Now, as Anhedönia looks to the future of the project, she is using clothing to help define the next chapter. “I’m very interested in character studies," she says. "Working on this new project, I wanted to take a step away from the solo narrative that Preacher’s Daughter was built around and branch out into some other things.” While she keeps a tight lid on what’s in store, she does offer a hint: “Each of these characters became a costume, and then each of these costumes became a look for the show.”
The slow build since around January or so into this harsher, darker aesthetic has felt extremely "The Fame into The Fame Monster" to me - "PERVERTS" being so prominent in the merch coupled with the punishingly straitlaced onstage costumes has me very curious about what the B-sides have grown into, assuming it's even related to them. I wasn't really anticipating that we'd potentially be getting insights into characters other than Ethel herself at this stage, so I'm looking forward to how that may play out.
I know it’s brat summer or whatever but this thick summer heat in the south has me listening to a lot of Ethel these past few days. Trucker’s Chapel is currently destroying me but I need new music, mother