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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ThatMusicLover, May 16, 2019.

  1. THIS is the Skins that the US deserves. Not that shitty MTV attempt from 2011.

    Side note, wth happened to Eric Dane's appearance?
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  2. I feel like this really...glamorizes hard drugs and overdosing / pedophilia / rape culture? It makes me kinda uncomfortable this is being marketed towards teenagers like my cousins who are 13-16 (who kept talking about how they wanted to watch it)

    EDIT : I just finished the episode and maybe I overreacted a bit but wow I feel so far removed from this generation and I'm only 25.
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  3. The editing was a bit obnoxious, but that was a pretty decent first episode. I hope more of a plot develops that rises above shock value and high school melodrama.
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  4. I find him more attractive now but clearly I have

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  5. First episode was amazing and I'm already HOOKED. The director of the series is Sam Levinson, who directed 'Assassination Nation' last year. The movie was one of my favorites of 2018 and it's very much in the style of the tv series, check it out if you liked the start of the show.

    I can see your point but I personally really liked the episode because of this, it is a very explicit critique against the use of drugs and for sure it will show the effects of that. But yeah, you should be aware and be prepared for what you're watching. Zendaya actually posted a tweet saying it:

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  6. Get it boo. His body sure didn't disappoint. That ass... I was mostly talking about his face and hair. Bit of a decline.
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  7. I enjoyed the thrill of Assassination Nation. Wasn't surprised this is the same director. It's got his fingerprints all over it.
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  8. Watched the pilot and it’s basically Assassination Nation meets Skins. Let me stay perched for the wallpaper worthy cinematography
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  9. I will watch this religiously but I have to say that the narration adds nothing and is really annoying.
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  10. The use of Agnes Obel's 'Run Cried the Crawling' was used perfectly. Didn't expect it to hear it on a show like this but it made perfect sense.
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  11. The drug high hallway scene at the party was some next level shit for a television show.
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  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    That Eric Dane interview about the full frontal scene was kind of weird.
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  13. I always lose my sh!t when I hear Agnes on TV. The undiscovered superstar.
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  14. I loved the pilot, which is rare because it usually takes me a while to get into these things but they carved out Rue and Jules so well in just one episode and gave us nice snippets of a load of other characters to keep up the intrigue. I'm perched for episode 2.
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  15. Again I know I'll love this show and do love it but I can't get behind the names Rue and Jules
  16. Ok so this episode is MUCH better than the first.
  17. @robots need oil Bringing this to your attention because I watched the pilot and so far it's Assassination Nation without the gore haha.
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  18. So... the locker room scene.
  19. It definitely peaked the homoerotica tangent.

    Nate was definitely sexually abused by his father. And now all of a sudden he's hitting on Jules. I see a pattern here...

    I must say that I find Jacob Elordi who plays Nate much more attractive in this show compared to when he starred in The Kissing Booth. It's the haircut. It makes such a difference.
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