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Euphoria (HBO)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ThatMusicLover, May 16, 2019.

  1. Many programs on HBO Max only have the 'previously on...' segment as a bonus feature on the episode page (alongside the 'next on...' preview clip), so you have to manually click into the episode page and click that video before starting the episode. It's a very dumb, frustrating feature that I would love for them to fix.
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  2. I'm really hoping Lexi gets her own episode/backstory this season too. She's been done so dirty.
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  3. Oh did I yelp when they showed the guy's erect penis at the strip club in the first minute. They wasted literally NO time in showing full nudity ahsdkjash.
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  4. Zendayas facial expressions are so FUNNNYYYYYY
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  5. What a strong opening.
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  6. I'd very happily watch 20 sixty minutes episodes of Alexa Demie fiercely strutting in vampy outfits.

    There's such a 90s The WB show quality in how she does it, it's a talent.
  7. Alexa being like 40 makes it even more iconic
  8. Yeah was just gonna say it's probably cause she's from that era dd. She's the new Bianca Lawson.

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  9. Jesus fucking christ. That premiere was intense, gorgeous, funny and miserable all at the same time and I love it.

    Oh and of course, this queen.

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  10. Does anyone else feel scared the whole time they watch this?
    I feel a kind of dread combined with anticipation.
  11. My HBO Max automatically played the previously on? Maybe they updated it, I watched today.
  12. Geniune lols when Maddie threw the pee towel and it landed on Cassie.
  13. Okay do I need to watch the specials? I don't want to nn.
  14. They're honestly good, especially the second one. Even the first features a great performance from Zendaya. They're very different and obviously much slower, but I enjoyed them both.
  15. We need the television academy to give Sydney Sweeney an Emmy.
  16. I was not here for the first season at all but I can admit that this was a really great season opener. I admittedly only gave this another chance because I love Dominic Fike but everyone did amazingly. Sydney Sweeney is an actress and I hope she gets the recognition she deserves. Her shaking and crying in the bathroom could've been really bad but she absolutely sold the moment. Cassie laying in that bathtub was one of the most tense things I've seen in a minute - Maddy is an absolute super villain. I felt every bit of that fear.

    Fez whooping Nate's crusty ass was such a fucking triumph. "Happy new year, playboy" is iconic.

    So yeah, I don't think this is enough quite yet to cement me as an actual fan, but it was a fantastic start. I'd take an entire course on how they shot and lit it all, it was so stunning. I did go back and sort of skim through the first season and it still doesn't do it for me but there's something about this episode that doesn't feel like it was trying too hard? I really enjoyed it which is a pleasant surprise for me and I'm very much looking forward to how this all plays out.
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  17. I hate Nate so intensely it's hard to put in words, hope the bitch dies.
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  18. I know she's gay catnip but I literally could not be more obsessed with Sydney Sweeney.

    The scene with McKay and Nate was as fascinating as it was gross, they're navigating Nate's sexuality with a surprising amount of nuance and I'm perched to see where that goes.

    Fez is so gorgeous it actually makes me sick, and the burgeoning chemistry between him and Lexie is the sort of Degreassi coupling I'm dying for.

    I fucking love this show so much.
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  19. During that scene with McKay, I got so distracted by just how tall Nate is.

    He towers and glowers.
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