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Euphoria (HBO)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ThatMusicLover, May 16, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]

    I'm obsessed.
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  2. Subwaykid

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    The fact this three second shot is already iconic


    Can’t wait to see what else they serve us this season.
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  3. Bianca Lawson in Save The Last Dance for a new generation
  4. I just started watching season 1 of this and watched the first two episodes and……I don’t even know what to say.
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  5. Finally watched the premiere last night and they really worked in every great element of the first season. I just need more focus on Rue & Jules, which I know will come, as their relationship is the palpable heart of this series. This was such a wonderful showcase for so many members of the winning ensemble, and I’d forgotten just how much I love these teens.

    Also, not the previous comments leading me on a deep dive into the conspiracies/memes about Queen Alexa Demie’s age, which say she graduated from my high school 3 years after me. And yet, she’s nowhere to be found in the freshman section of my senior year yearbook…

    What an icon.
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  6. Queen Sleuth. And Alexa really IS perennial teen Bianca Lawson.
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  7. It's funny there's a whole thing centered around trying to hide her real age, 31, but I completely understand why with the way Hollywood writes people off after a certain age unless they're well established.
  8. I mean, her age shouldn't matter at all & she shouldn't have to disclose it. I also love an air of mystery and don't believe for a second that she's 31... and have seen no receipts that actually confirm that but am asking younger high school alumni I know to check their yearbooks regardless because I'm a nosy c u n t.
  9. No. I never even finished the first one, it was so boring. The Jules one I actually think might be interesting but I haven't watched it yet.
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  10. Yes, skip the Rue one and DO watch the Jules one.
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  11. Would actually be kinda iconic if wardrobe intentionally made her outfit look similar to Bianca Lawson's in Save The Last Dance as a little easter egg nod to this age speculation thing dd.

    Actually the whole show's aesthetic gives me classic 90s cinema vibes. It makes it stand out amongst all these other cookie cutter teen shows that look like they've been filtered through a CW lens. I wonder if it's because it's shot on actual film.
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  12. I want to know who the Sam Levinson stand-in is, because creators always work themselves into their own show.
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  13. It truly is the most beautiful show on television right now. Every shot is handled with such treatment and care in a way that I'm sure annoys many with its hyper-stylization. I'm just so happy it is retaining its reputation as my favorite small screen eye candy.

    I assumed it was the Austin Abrams character (Ethan), but I also know next to nothing about Sam Levinson.
  14. Ok, now why does it have to be the only kid I even slightly relate to?
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  15. Yeah, the thing about Euphoria truly is how amazing it looks and the awesome emsemble and aesthetic they have going on for the show. Even when the script lets you down, you let it slide because it looks so fucking good.

    The Jules/Rue scene at the end of the premiere for example with the fade outs was kinda annoying to me ddd. But I still think it's cool they're trying to do something unique.
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  16. I didn't realize detailed spoilers of the entire plot of S2 had leaked back in November until people were discussing on premiere night that all the stuff from the first episode checked out.

    I didn't look them up or know what they are really, but the reaction to information about future episodes was very polarizing with some saying he was trying to undo everything he built up in the first season.
  17. Well he's spoken in interviews about his issues with substance abuse when he was younger so Rue I guess. Ethan is definitely the character that looks most like him though.
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  18. The little shot of the car driving towards Cassie as she's eating her powdered Donnettes and the huge flash moments in the end stay firmly on my mind.
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  19. For me it's the lighting in the scene between Cassie and McKay that I can't stop thinking about. I love how the show will take virginal imagery and subvert it/create commentary in how it's presented aesthetically.
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  20. I follow a critic who received the whole season and said it was amazing so I have high hopes for this. Euphoria has a huge teen/young-adult audience and those are always very vocal about which couples they want to make it or break it etc so I can see how having these plot points spoiled might be controversial but seeing how they actually play out on the show might end up making sense to people.
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