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Euphoria (HBO)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ThatMusicLover, May 16, 2019.

  1. Alright, the Jules special is worth it for the love interest full frontal alone.
  2. Wait what dd? Why don't I remember this...? Who?
  3. “Tyler” but I don’t think it was Jacob Elordi. It was…huge, and I’m choosing to believe it was real.

    Edit: IMDB tells me it’s Jayden Marcos. Google at your own risk nn.
  4. Ah ok that makes sense. If it had anything to do with Nate I probably repressed it.
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  5. Well, I am hooked.
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  6. Y’all do realize sometimes prosthetics… are used.
  7. Putting this behind a spoiler because I think she should be able to live her life as she sees fit, but I have now seen physical evidence of her Class of 2009 high school yearbook photo… so mystery solved & I stand corrected. Also slightly bummed I missed attending high school with Maddy Perez by 1 year.
  8. Yas at this being back, but I think imma binge the entire thing when it's done. I have no patience to catch up every week.
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  9. I’m still in recovery from the season 2 premiere, I think a week wait for the next episode was needed… it was that intense for me.
  10. Wait, what does that mean in actual numbers for us non-Amerikunties!
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  11. That would likely correspond to a late 1990 or early 1991 birth year.
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  12. It’s funnier to believe she’s 40 :(
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  13. The whole Maddy/Cassie bathroom situation was peak cinema. Also, I was the Lexi of my high school nn.
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  14. The one I was talking about is a porn star so

  15. That’s exactly what I plan on doing!
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  16. The dream sequences this week were so beautifully shot, and the scene at the gas station was so tense. The teaser for the 3rd episode seems to suggest there's a lot of Cal's backstory next week.
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  17. Another fantastic episode. I’m obsessed with the Maddy/Cassie triangle/drama, and I love how much development Lexi & Fez are getting this season. The pervading tension in this show is one of my favorite aspects, but the gas station scene took it to another level.
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  18. Maddy is so terrifying, I love it.
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  19. Both of Kat's scenes were amazing.

    I like Zendaya but goddamn I'd love something new for Rue, anything will do, any other character is more interesting than the show's lead at this point.
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  20. Hasn't this always been the case with Euphoria? ddd But these first couple episodes especially it doesn't even feel like Zendaya is the lead - Cassie x Nate x Maddy is taking a good chunk of the episodes while we don't see much of Rue and Jules. I imagine this will change in the next episode.
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