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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ThatMusicLover, May 16, 2019.

  1. Rue and Jules are definitely the least interesting aspect of the show at the moment, but I'm intrigued to see where the Rue/Elliot relationship goes. I fully get why there's more focus on the other stories right now, particularly the Cassie/Maddy/Nate setup, but I hope Rue has an interesting arc this year – it's still early, so I'm sure we'll get there.
  2. Love that for us!
    I agree that Rue's always been... a bit... a bit just there but at least during the first season the script would have her interact with the rest of the cast and be a part of several arcs. So far these two episodes she's been so... insular in a way that I found myself slightly annoyed having to go through more Rue scenes of the same ol' in the second episode when so much more interesting, essential stuff was happening with other characters and I kinda wanted to see more of that. But maybe I'm overreacting, there's still 8 episodes left of the season!

    Edit: well 6 episodes ":-("
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  3. I think there are 6, it's an 8-episode season.
  4. There was a lot going on in that episode, it was a tad chaotic. But so many of the individual scenes rocked that it didn't matter too much
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  5. Am I the only one who hates this Nate/Cassie/Maddy love triangle storyline? Every time Nate and Cassie were on screen I was like:


    I really hope they don't spend the entire season focusing on that because I really do not care. I have a feeling they're going to drag it out for the entire season, but I want Maddy to find out as soon as possible so we can get to the good stuff.

    I thought the episode this week was all over the place. The Fez storyline is the most interesting thing to me right now, which is ironic cause it feels so out of place on a teen drama. And yeah i'm gonna need a lot more Jules scenes cause this is not cutting it.
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  6. Anyone else find that scene with Maddy and the wealthy mother really... weird? It was set up like she was going to be caught going through her jewelry, but then I got such strange vibes that they were going to make out. Maybe I was too stoned to understand what was going on.
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  7. They're really giving us that classic teen slasher horror movie suspense this season in like every other scene and i'm not mad at it dd.
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  8. I was surprised last week at how cohesive and tightly written the premiere was, but this one was true Euphoria, a mess from start to finish. Nate's chaotic dream sequence, Rue only there for the memes, Cassie dramatically running through the building site, Jacob Elordi back to delivering every line with Christian Bale's Batman voice, and it's not her fault, but a very funny moment where Alexa tries on all the more age-appropriate couture than her usual costuming.

    Let's see. Yes, definitely a vibe between Maddy and Minka Kelly (I do appreciate a full-circle moment of her once being the cheerleader on her own teen show now being cast as the housewife). The Rue and Jules problem is complicated by the fact that Jules comes alive as a character when she's hanging out with the other girls, and Zendaya instantly has more chemistry with Dominic Fike than she does with Hunter Schafer. Barbie Ferreira is the soul of the show; Kat's fantasy sequences of her being dominated by the swordsman and then freaking out amongst the influencers actually worked, there's an attention to detail and her internal life that the other characters don't get. The Fez/Lexie stuff also works, a rare case of opposites genuinely attracting, and good characters driving the plot. The long running subplot, "The Humiliation of Sydney Sweeney," I'm willing to go along with, but they need to give my girl a win at some point.
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  9. Both intentionally and unintentionally, this is the funniest show on television. Just so wrapped up in its own creation that it doesn’t know when it’s spiralling into sheer absurdity. I adore it.
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  10. We're back into classic Euphoria with the plot being barely there so it's just a succession of moods and vibes, but who cares. Why are Fez's eyelashes so big, I just think he does that to flirt with me.
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  11. Also I can feel it in my bones that they're going to give Nate a redemption arc but I would rather be on the recieving end of Fezco's fists than sit through that.

    Getting beat up is not enough, call me when he gets hit by a bus like Tony from Skins.
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  12. I caved and read some of the S2 spoilers. Some of it is predictable, other stuff sounds dumb when you read it but it's made sense in action/was shot so beautifully that I can suspend belief and not care.
  13. Kat’s storyline is so lazy, boring, and bad.

    apart from that, fantastic episode. Nice to see that we’re finally getting payoff from the events of last season.
  14. Kat's frustrating me this season already because it's obvious she's going to self-sabotage her relationship with Ethan. While it's completely realistic to just not be feeling it with someone who is ostensibly a good match--believe me, I know--I just don't really like that as a storyline.
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  15. Naur I stan Kat. Barbie is electric.

    Also I can’t decude if Zendaya’s Rue is iconic or the worst performance of all time. Whiplash, all the time.
  16. Rue just feels one note and not even the ‘mood and vibes’ (shout out to @sesita ) can elevate it much at the moment. More interesting things are happening around her.
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  17. Yeah the problem with Rue is not Zendaya (which is a capable actress), it's the one-note character that doesn't seem to evolve or go anywhere.
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  18. I stepped into the first three episodes of this yesterday, and enjoyed it.
    It's Skins though, so far, but with, better music. I'll stay with it on my week off, I mean Zendeya was phenomenal at the end of episode 3, she's really pulled me in.
  19. Watching episode 2 on a busy train journey to London was not my best idea!
  20. Barbie really is the most compelling actress on this show. She's the only one who really transcends the moodboard.
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