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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ThatMusicLover, May 16, 2019.

  1. She has the biggest range, I think. Sydney Sweeney is lowkey lethal though.
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  2. Barbie packed more gravitas into that scene of her at her locker than we get out of entire seasons from the other girls.

    I really enjoyed the episode both because and in spite of how disjointed it felt. I realized that they've low key established Cassie's family the best, her mom observing her from the kitchen was a nice bit of parallelism to her own failed marriage. I think so far they've also developed Nate really well in the sense that he's complex while also not necessarily being sympathetic: the scenes with his dad are painful, but with that said they do need to push that development forward because it's the one with the most to unpack and the least done so far.

    I actually found the scene between Jules and Maddy woefully short, and a bit more of the less familiarized characters interacting would go a long way in making everything feel a bit more cohesive. As it stands I can't stop thinking of Sydney Sweeney with that bow laying on an animal pelt grinning like she just devoured a straight man.
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  3. Barbie is fantastic. She should be getting an Emmy nomination for that scene alone, but I can't see anyone but Zendaya and Sydney (she's having a bit of a moment right now) getting nominations.
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  4. Ok ok after Shook One: PT II
    I am fully invested in this loud, chaotic mess ft Sydney Sweeney having an MD induced orgasm on a carousel.
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  5. This was probably my favorite episode of last season nn.

    "I don't know if your brain is scrambled from all the molly you take...but I never said that" pops into my head every single day.
  6. Watching the show for the first time and am really enjoying it so far. Rue outside Fez’s house at the end of episode 3…the Emmy was deserved!
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  7. Yep yep yep. Wait until episode 7, I am in awe.
    I've left the S1 finale for when I wake up
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  8. Zendaya is giving a magnificent performance but Rue is a hard character and sometimes her drug induced zombie persona can be a bit of a slog to get through. Not at all a comment on her performance, but the character itself.

    Meanwhile, the writers were VERY SMART for giving new It Girl Sydney Sweeney more material this season because she is relishing.

    Cassie, Maddy, Kat, and Lexi remain oddly the most interesting characters, and I feel like this show is slowly going to go the Orange is the New Black route where Rue started as the anchor of the show but will slowly become a piece of an ensemble cast like Piper/Taylor Schilling did.
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  9. This season is a toot so far. Great follow up.
  10. I'm glad they're further fleshing out each character and even introducing new ones. Can't wait to find out more about Elliot. Lexi/Fez is such a genuinely exciting pairing. Cassie and Kat remain so captivating. I feel like things with Nate need to reach the boiling point or get way darker because (love triangle aside) not much development is happening there. I love Rue and think Zendaya does an amazing job but (as others have said) this works so well as an ensemble show it doesn't need an "anchor".
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  11. That reminded me Maddy still had the recording, right? We love a loaded gun waiting to go off.
  12. Every day I open twitter and "nate jacobs" is trending.
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  13. This show is absolutely off-the-rails insane, mixing extended flashbacks with absurd dream sequences into the main narritive... it feels like it shouldn't work, but it does. I'm obsessed with it, honestly. There's nothing else remotely like it on TV. This episode had me screaming laughing and on the edge of my seat - sometimes in the same scene (the entire Cal/Fezco/Ashtray scene was incredible). The exchange about Cassie looking like she was auditioning for Oklahoma + her walking out dressed exactly like Maddie killed me too.

    Zendaya was fantastic tonight, even as Rue continues to be wildly frustrating. The scenes with her sister and Ali were great, and I love that the writers aren't trying to make her likeable and certainly arent glamorizing what addiction can look like. Plus, they're definitely moving the triangle along... and it isn't going where I thought it would.

    Also, I love Elliot.
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  14. They really faked us out with the I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER scene, huh? The music selections were great as per usual, especially in the extended flashback intro with Cal. I did find it funny everyone hyped up a Lana song being in the episode... for it to only be in the credits dd.
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  15. Bit disappointed about the Cal backstory, more like lack of anyway.


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  16. The Elliot and Jules scene was perfect. Outstanding episode.
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  17. I was disappointed Cassie's confession ended up being a fake out to be honest.

    Also I don't really understand why Cal needed a 15min backstory, especially since it didn't really explain why he became such a creep.

    Other than that I thought the episode was great. Also if that's the last time we see Ali i'm gonna be really sad.
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  18. “Bitch you better be joking” is the funniest line delivery I’ve heard in a minute.

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