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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ThatMusicLover, May 16, 2019.

  1. This is genuninely one of the funnest episodes to watch
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  2. Maybe I'm reading into subtext that isn't there, but I thought the implication is that he's a repressed homo who still yearns~ for Derek (or his idea of Derek as a teenage boy) and uses that to justify him hooking up with underage twinks.
  3. You're probably right but I do think this was the weakest use of a backstory so far. I think it's probably the first episode where it wasn't referenced later on? It was very "we already did all of the major ones so now this will have to do!!".
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  4. There was not nearly enough Maddy for me this episode.
  5. Dominic Fike is so incredibly charming and magnetic. He really grounds this utterly ridiculous show.
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  6. Me during a Maddy-centric special that's just a 60 minute monologue by Maddy:
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  7. I guess... but he seemed pretty well adjusted as a teen? Like they presented him as this kind of innocent not really toxic guy trying to figure his sexuality out, which got cut short cause he knocked up his girlfriend.

    So i'm just wondering how did we go from that to this borderline abusing father who likes to fuck high schoolers and film them. I wish they had shown us that part. Like clearly his dad was tough on him too, they should have dived more into that.
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  8. Lexi, Elliot, Cassie and Ashtray might be my favourite characters this year.
    That BTS spoof with Lexi, was genius.
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  9. More scenes like the Oklahoma bathroom one please
  10. Elliot is going to fuck all kinds of shit up. I don't think I like him very much. He seems very manipulative...
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  11. Which characters are in the same year in Euphoria? Like Rue and Lexie are in the same year who's older between Cassie and Lexie?
  12. Cassie is a senior and I guess Rue and Lexie are juniors. Teens can drive at 16 so I do wonder if they're younger, maybe even sophomores, since a lot of them just bike around but would also be shocked if 15 year olds were doing heroin and having this much sex.
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  13. I finally watched the Jules special episode and there's a moment she talks about puberty and I went "what the fuck, who's still going through puberty in their mid 20's??" and then I remembered this is a show about teens in high school ddd.
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  14. The narrative structure (especially this season) is such a mess that the bathroom scene felt like a crossover. I was like, Cassie knows Rue?! Still an entertaining episode despite Cal’s exposition being entirely too long, though. Lexi’s bit was everything and then some.
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  15. Also, I haven't watched season 1 since it originally aired so I can't remember properly. Are we supposed to think Nate still has feelings for Jules? Because they haven't interacted in forever but someone mentioned this last episode he was in love with her.
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  16. The Euphoria girls interacting having the same effect as The Avengers meeting up is a true but funny mental comparison I'm making.
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  17. Thanks - I'm interested because the group dynamic is so odd. Like I feel like I'd prefer if they all just knew each other rather than them all being friends as it doesn't feel as realistic. Especially given half of them are in different school years
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  18. I really enjoyed the episode but the Rue storyline is testing me a bit.
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  19. It reminds me of my high school experience, to be honest. I have a younger sibling who was a freshman when I was a junior, and the friend groups all kind of blended into one rotating mass.

    Actually, a lot of this messy show reminds me of my high school experiences. We weren't nearly as glamorous, but we were nightmares nn.
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  20. In America it's not really that weird to have close friends in high school in different years though. I didn't go to school in England but from what I understand the years are more segregated? Whereas if you're in Algebra II that could be anyone from a really smart freshman to a senior that's challenged at math. Or electives like newspaper, gym, etc. would have kids from all grades. Besides core English and History classes, I think all my math, science, language were very mixed so it is kind of realistic they would be friends if they were a year or two apart.
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