Euphoria (HBO)

TVLine confirmed that they were to start shooting end of June but could push to July if need be but with the writers strike seemingly won’t be over by the end of June, filming is now being pushed to Summer 2024. Zendaya has two projects filming back to back from October-March.

And if Sony comes a calling for Spider-Man 4, they get precedence over even Euphoria.

See y’all in 2027!
Yeah it wouldn't surprise me if S3 ends up being the last season. Season 1 was just so great, Season 2 was visually pretty but the story arcs were just kinda dumb. Like I said before, Sam thinks he's some kind of auteur when he really just needs to focus on a good story and let everyone else do the heavy lifting.
Sam is indeed great with visuals. In a perfect world he would let other people write and he could direct. His ego will not allow that I fear.