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Euphoria (HBO)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ThatMusicLover, May 16, 2019.

  1. Also, y'all thirsting over the obvious guys like Nate, McKay and Fez but Daniel had my love until his turn. The way he looked at Cassie in scenes like these ugh so cute

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  2. This is great also does it mean

    Rue is dead? Thats what I got from it
  3. I feel like the scene where Nate couldn’t get hard was foreshadowing the entire episode: had potential but anticlimactic.
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  4. Well that was definitely an ending, eh? Wow.
  5. Was everyone else getting incest vibes from the scene with Nate and his dad? I'm not sure what we were meant to take away from that.
  6. I was so disturbed by how hot I found that scene. The tension was real.

    I liked the finale. I don't know why I went in with such anxiety as it didn't take any major twists or turns, but I do feel like it moved everything along enough to keep me stoked for Season 2.
  7. One of my friends said the finale reflected that they didn’t expect to get renewed, which is tea.
  8. Is the show not performing well? I feel like it’s picked up a decent amount of traction as it’s progressed (personally I got on board around episode 4), and I’d be surprised if HBO doesn’t give it at least one more season.
  9. They got renewed for a second season recently, but the finale shows that they didn’t want to end it on too many cliffhangers in the event that they didn’t get renewed.
  10. Ah I get what you meant now. I ended up looking it up right after I had posted that and thank god; I do find the theories going around about the last scene to be well-founded so I’m already itching to see where they go with Rue from here.
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  11. I was secretly hoping Nate would be nude.
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  12. Jacob's acting in that scene with his dad. WOW BETHENNEY WOW.

    Rue's story actually made me cry - that scene where she wanted to go but didn't want to leave her family behind. I felt that.

    And that dialogue with Nate & Rue outside the party before she made the decision to leave with Jules. Very real and profound stuff.

    I have a love/hate relationship with this show. I will continue watching for season 2.

    While the writing has been inconsitent throughout the season, the MUSIC however, has been on point from the get-go except for that fucking BTS song they played in the final episode.
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  13. Don't think so. It's probably just her passing out or another overdose.
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  14. Loose ends that bothered me:

    They spent so much damn time on that Cassie/McKay storyline and we don't even get to see how he got dumped?

    No explanation about who that creepy man in the dark was that Kat was camming with.

    Them not even hinting that Nate would face repercussions for any of the things he did.

    What the hell are Lexi's wants, needs, fears and goals???
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  15. Also someone needs to do a side by side comparison of all the parallels between Euphoria and Assassination Nation. There were so many similarities, right down to the marching band ending. I guess Sam Levinson was like well since basically no one saw Assassination Nation lemme transfer all my best ideas into this.
  16. The scene between Nate and his dad was one of the most gripping of the season and up there with the most visually striking of the season. There were so many but I’d say the ones that really stuck with me were:

    -the DMT scene with Rue and Jules
    -the locker room scene
    -Maddie on the bed in Nate’s backstory
    -Kat finding out she was filmed during sex
    -Maddie and Cassie in the room of mirrors on molly
    -the scene were Gia finds Rue
    -Maddie getting her sweater cut off
    -Jules last episode at the club

    I’m...deeply hooked, to say the least.
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  17. The entire ending was a gut punch for me. The backstory of the hoodie, Rue's relapse and the most haunting musical number to grace the small screen just emotionally walloped me.
  18. I think the finale was half stellar, half trash. The montage at the end with Rue and her parents made me ball, but on the other hand most of the prom stuff, especially the scene with Kat and her twink, was like... the closest the show got to literally being something that would air on The CW.
  19. The best part of the finale was hearing this gem. It's been stuck in my head since last night.
  20. I totally agree. But overall, I think this was a great season. Easily my favorite show of the year (so far).
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