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Euphoria (HBO)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ThatMusicLover, May 16, 2019.

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  2. I did not like Kat's terf bangs at the winter formal. Twas not a look.
  3. Well now we know where the story was headed if HBO didn’t renew this. This was basically Levinson’s version of Glee but darker, more real, with better acting, music and cinematography, presented as an 8-hour movie.

    Agreed. She didn’t need that wig. The hair she rocked naturally when she wore that outfIt was a fucking lewk already. Those bangs - KEEP IT.
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  4. This might be an unpopular opinion but her Thora Birch in Ghost World looks before the makeover was much more of a serve.
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  5. The scene of the four girls nodding in a resigned realization that Maddy and Nate would grow old together was great.
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  6. I'm curious to read the full script now, because judging by the two excerpts in the article it seems like it was originally a lot more campy. Giving me Heathers vibes a bitsy.
  7. Someboy

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    Sorry, but I think his ass is tricking a few of you into thinking Jacob Elordi is giving a good performance here. It's not his fault his storyline is so overwrought, but everyone's story is overwrought, and compare his scenes to what Hunter Schafer does with her material or Sydney Sweeney with hers and he's... not it.

    The finale overall was uneven at best, honestly a little boring. I stuck with this through the mess, because I always wanted to know where they would take it in the end, and they took it... not really anywhere? The whole sequence of Rue and Jules planning to run away felt forced, and it was supposed to be the emotional climax of the series.

    "Sam Levinson's Glee" is actually a pretty good description for the show, it uses music as much as Glee did, and now we're ending with a full blown music video (and there was one with Cassie skating too). It's all produced amazingly, but to what end?
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  8. Eh, this feels like an overly cynical take. We’re getting a second season and I think there’s plenty left to explore here. The most essential thing in the first season of a drama is to develop a connection to the characters, and I think this has done a wonderful job of that. I have my issues with the finale but I think overall it was a very successful first season.
  9. Yeah a friend just reminded me today of this cliffhanger for next season. Even though they didn't set up very well with this scene being early on the episode and her happy ending later. I guess it's clearly someone from her daily life?
    Exactly my thoughts. The story being set in the suburbs, lot of girls facing backlash because of nudes and the trans girl fucks jocks is pretty similar.
  10. I love that she acknowledged this. We stan!
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  11. OMG YES. WE stan a WOKE Queen. Let me give her a follow on Instagram.
  12. Cassie is an absolute standout. Give her a proper man in S2 please!
  13. I was too overwhelmed by the visuals when watching the episode to actually notice that All for Us is a legit amazing song. Zendaya can SING.
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  14. Watched the whole season in one day.
    Jules is everything.
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  15. I thought they were purposely writing Jules to be terrible towards the end of the season. Is she going to be a part of season 2? Some of the scenes at the dance when they showed all the girls except for her felt very much like they were setting them up to be the core cast, to the point where I wasn’t surprised Jules left without Rue.
  16. I mean it was obvious Rue and Jules weren't gonna end on a happy note. That's how dramas work. I don't see why she wouldn't be included in Season 2. Especially now since she's a fan fave.
  17. I binged this in about a week and a half (believe me, that's binging for me) and I fucking love this series. I was pleasantly surprised by Zendaya and Hunter.

    All For Us is my jam too. It's a vibe and a half.
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