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Euphoria (HBO)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ThatMusicLover, May 16, 2019.

  1. It pains me to see that there isn’t more love for the iconic Barbie Ferreira. She’s my QUEEN.
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  2. shes a true queen. overall the cast is outstanding

    also it was almost uncanny how similar the child-version of cassie looked
  3. Kat and Ethan were absolutely brilliant characters. I hope Ethan gets a flashback next season (but hopefully stays likeable).

    I cannot believe I binged this in a day. I'm floored by it though. I can't think of another show that introduces itself and its world so rapidly, literally changes the game every episode, and has very complex and interesting characters that are realistically written - for the most part.

    I just said this to my friend. Absolutely crazy.
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  4. I found this show really engrossing and Jules' character deeply resonated with me as it's probably the most I've identified with a trans character onscreen. I was a little troubled by the implication that Nate and his dad's attraction to her was produced by repressed homosexuality, though I'm sure it's understood to be more nuanced than that. It's a dynamic I'm all too familiar with so to see it teased out on screen was deeply intriguing.

    The finale was really quite a disappointing mess though.
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  5. One of the most beautiful shots on the show was when Jules was on her bike on the way to meet Nate for the first time.

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  6. This scene was so brilliant sjjrekjrje

    “Hey mom! I’m a fucking genius!”
  7. The acting, the writing, the directing, the cinematography, the editing, the wardrobe! Give them all an Emmy!
  8. Just finished this. It’s definitely a flawed show but the highlights are so, so strong that I’m willing to overlook the lows. That being said, I’m equal parts perched and terrified at the thought of a second season.
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  9. Can we change the thread title? The "official trailer" bit feels unnecessary
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  10. It should be titled Euphoria (the messy but beautifully shot and amazingly soundtracked show).
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