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Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Square, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. New announcement:

    Surprised they're going with Stockholm, as I had previously heard they were choosing between two smaller cities.
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  2. In 2013, Sweden hosted Eurovision and featured two men kissing in the Swedish Smörgåsbord skit.
    In 2016, it's time to take it one step further... Something like this is a good starting point, please and thank you:

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  3. Can't wait for Eurovision 2016! This is the best show ever. As this year it is held in Stockholm I will be able to visit it finally. This is logically such an event occur in the capital city, not a smaller one. Surprisingly, Australia again can take part in Eurovision Contest. What for? Why commission makes exemption for only specific countries?

    custom writings
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  4. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    The Netherlands is sending Douwe Bob Posthuma to Stockholm! This gorgeous man won 'The Best Singer Songwriter Of The Netherlands' and his audition (as seen above!) is heartbreakingly beautiful.
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  5. I just read that the Big 5 and the hosting country will also perform at the semifinals from this year on, even though they have secured their place at the final show.
  6. Finally!

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  7. It'll be interesting to see if this has any effect on the number of votes the Big 5 receive in the final
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  8. So, semi-retired 80s has-been or 11th hour uncohesive group with a 1993 PWL B-side representing the UK?
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  9. Pat


    I doubt it.
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  10. Sofi Marinova needs to represent Bulgaria again this year.

  11. There's a rate covering the UK entries 1990-2015 beginning right here...

    Stop by and have your say!

  12. Finally.
    Now they actually have a chance during the finale. Most decisions are being made during the half finale not the finale. Will have a major impact.
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  13. Cyprus are sending this band to Eurovision 2016:


    But their song will apparently be cowritten by Thomas G:son so I'm not giving up hope yet.
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  15. If found please return to the pub
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  16. [​IMG]

    You'll see one of these five faces representing Belgium at Eurovision 2016!

    The lovely @Charley provided me with some more information about the contestants:
    (from left to right)
    Adil is a former Idool contestant
    Amaryllis sang on "I'm Your Sacrifice" by Ozark Henry
    Astrid has performed with AKS
    Laura was on The Voice
    Tom works at a guitar shop
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  17. Loving it! We need to make up for sending Guy Sebastian this year.
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  18. They've said they'd like Eurovision to become a global competition. I'd love them to invite Japan or something to take part.
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  19. I'm surprised that Australia was invited to participate again. We will have to make it through the semi-finals first though, so Australia is being treated more like a proper entry than a once-off. I just hope we send someone good! Guy Sebastian was a predictable choice but I was hoping for Dami Im last year. I think she would have been amazing.
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