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Eurovision 2016

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Rhombus, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. I'm sure that Channel 5 here in the UK can be pursuaded to recommision it after the inevitable failure of that dreadful "Rylan's" talkshow.
  2. These cockroaches dinosaurs need to be exterminated from the panel for next year.
  3. HOW DID THIS CHART AT ONLY 22??? I still cant get over it.

  4. She was legit robbed. One of the best!!!
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  5. I'm really enjoying 'Time To Fight' by her as well.
  6. Glad to see the politics are done with while I was busy away from the computer.
    I have to repeat what I said many times before, Ukraine's song this year should not have won because it is worse than cats' claws on a blackboard. Nobody can sing along to it. It's awful.
    I am not saying anything about the lyrics. I do not care about lyrics if the song is awful to listen to.
    And why are people saying that Russia got zero points from juries? The top 5 was the same with the jury voting alone and Russia was in it! So what the heck are you guys saying?
    Am also totally missing what is good about Spain's song.
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  7. I still fucking love this:

    Vocally she was just behind Dami for me and she was fucking serving. What a performance.
  8. I am looking forward to getting the CD of the show and hearing what the studio version sounds like.
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  9. 1944 must be the least successful winning song in a while, it doesn't seem to have charted anywhere much.
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  10. And we all know why.
  11. Good riddance. Now we can focus on simply the best song/performance winning instead of hoping that the bad guys win.
    They will be back anyway, it's not like they issues going back on their word anyway.
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  12. Hmm my Russian bud says it's fake. Sad times.
  13. Well the presence of blatant typos could be an indication.
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  14. I smiled (it's a lie made up from top to bottom and it's really funny someone did that)
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  15. Is this clip available around the world?
    From the Stephen Colbert late night chat show in the USA:

    "Are you ready to get down?? And I mean... really down." Ha!

    Bonus points for the use of the same font/graphics as real Eurovision.
  16. I finally got around to looking at the individual juror votes and I genuinely can't fathom how all 5 UK jurors were unanimous in loving Georgia's entry?! None of our jurors ranked it lower than third place. How does that happen?! Especially when you have someone as pop-friendly as Seamus Haji on the panel. I'm done.
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  17. I think they'll use the "real music" excuse.

    And the guitarist looked like he was out of Oasis.

    I can't think up any other rationale.
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  18. marrecar

    marrecar Guest

    Or they're just boycotting the competition and trolling everyone so they gave the "worst" song most points.
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  19. Georgia was far from the worst song, though. It was very reminiscent of Muse and other cookie cutter "indie" pop/rock stuff; not original at all, but not offensive also. The U.K. jurors loving it didn't surprise me a bit.
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