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Eurovision 2016

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Rhombus, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. marrecar

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    Hence the quotes. I personally thought it was ok, good, but compared to other songs, it was meh a lot. I guess the jury thought the gp would think so too, it was weird and not traditional, so they went for it. They are like those kids that hate what's popular and most liked, so they picked the one that everyone would think it's bad and not good enough.
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  2. Juries votes should weight 20-1%, public's 80-99%.
    Isn't that what democracy is about... Eurovision should be the example, not the bureaucratic torture.
  3. I was surprised to see Georgia getting 12 points from our jury but their song was very 90s British-sounding and if we are to judge on staging and performance, they were great on both counts, I thought they deserved a much higher place than they actually got and I am happy that our jury gave them some appreciation. (If we are not to judge on performance then I would have to question why some basic-ass ballad about FaceTime won the jury vote by such a landslide.)

    In a year where Israel, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Italy were able to get 12 points from at least one jury, Georgia was nowhere near the least deserving recipient.
  4. I quite liked Israel, the Netherlands and Italy's entries...
  5. marrecar

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    Italy disappointed because they ruined the song. The studio/album version is waaaay better and what she performed was underwhelming. It was one of my favorites, she has a killer voice, but in the ending of the song, nothing happened. Just listen to the album versiona and the one she performed, it's a major difference.
  6. Apparently sometime soon "Love Love Peace Peace" will be officially released. Hallelujah! Petra Mede for the Viral Top 50.
  7. They have Gogglebox in the US and they watched Eurovision.

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  8. Loved comparing the ukraine to the fifth element! Excellent work.
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  9. You have Petra withdrawal? Check this voting rehearsal with brilliant shade from Petra:

  10. What did you guys think of Croatia?
  11. I like the studio version, but the live performance was really pitchy.
  12. Queen Petra needs a career in the UK. I think she would be amazing on this morning, sitting there casting side eye and stank faces everytime a Z-Lister came on to talk about themselves. She'd end up killing Kery Katona.
  13. Kev


    Sorry to sound stupid and hope someone can explain, but how does this whole voting rehearsal segment work? Is this practiced with real scores from the countries, and at what point of the day/night is it rehearsed - sounds like there's still a lot of people in the crowd(?)
  14. they do not give points, they just check connection and assign some random numbers. As for timeframe, rehearsals are open to public and press, judging by dress of our spokeperson dress I think this was done on day of grand final liek couple hours earlier.
  15. I remember a few years ago a country was going to give their points on the live telecast (I think it was Georgia) and Graham Norton said that during the dress rehearsal this country's host was possibly drunk or was just crazy earlier that day or something along those lines as they moved to that country, only to discover that the host had been replaced by another host by the time of the actual live show. I think it was Sopho of Georgia 2007 fame.

  16. I really like this remix of France's entry.
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  17. Remember this night? Wasn't it beautiful?
  18. I'm still not over the post-Eurovision Blues...
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  19. Nor me. This year for me was so iconic because of Petra and Mans. No way will next year be as good.
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  20. I never thought this would be the case, but Loin d'ici is the song I'm still humming months later.
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