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Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Rhombus, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. The SemiFinal 1 was flawless with its choices to go through the final (bar Cyprus going through instead of the lovely Iceland). I counted and there were 9 (!!) out of 18 entries that used their backgrounds as 'interactive' pieces of their performances. God Almighty, copy the greatness of the song, not the performance that is a copy as it is!

    Don't understand how Russia remains the very favourite to win the whole thing. Armenia surprised me and Malta and her song (Viva Molly Pettersson Hammar!) blowed me out of the water, even if her act was nothing to call home for.
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  2. HRH


    Shocker! I'm actually sort of on the Armenian side of the Nagorno debate (I mean, they are all Armenians after all) but when you proudly wave a banned flag for no reason (she's from Yerevan) and your only explanation is "I wave flag to be promoting the peace! Music!!!" then I don't know what else one should expect.

    I thought the Azerbaijani singer handled the press conference very well, especially with that buffoon trying to provoke a nationalist outburst out of her.
  3. My favourite Eurovision song!
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  4. Ha, thanks guys, both are such Police rip-offs!

    Am shocked that Malta went through, with their song made out of song titles and that goes nowhere.
  5. In A Moment Like This sounds also like Tina Turner's The Best and ABBA's The Winner Takes it All.

    It's quite the patchwork quilt of other songs. But still awesome.
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  6. So apparently Australia might be the performance of the night (should she get through to Sat). If they do the show stays in Europe. Clearly that would be the UK next year right? According to The Guardian an agreement with a broadcaster is already in place. That could be interesting.
  7. It seems I am alone in backing Spain but I would be happy with Australia winning as that is the other standout to me. I also don't believe any of the other entries can compare vocally to Dami Im she is an absolute powerhouse vocalist
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  8. Don't understand why Ukraine is favourite to win tonight's semi. Is it just anti-Russia paranoia?
  9. I actually really like the song. It's very Love Injected meets Suus.

    The staging for it is gorgeous as well.
  10. Much more excited by tonight's semi-final lineup. Out of the ones I've already heard, which isn't many, I'm rooting for Justs, Dami Im and Agnete (if she can nail those vocals). Being able to vote in this one helps too. Roll on 8pm!
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  11. I am appalled by the blatant ripoff from Sweden's song. There should be a rule against something like this. It is completely identical.

    In other news; I am highly excited for tonight's show.
  12. Just listened to all tonight's Semi-Final songs for the first time, definitely think tonight is stronger than Tuesday. Loved Bulgaria, which I've not really seen much talked about I don't think. That and Belgium which I fear might just be a guilty pleasure for me.

    I'm tempted to put an each-way bet on France, and I usually never bet on things. My reasoning is, even if it doesn't win, I think it's a dead cert for top 4, in which case I'd earn my money back based on my current odds, so in essence a win-win. I'd also be tempted to do it with Australia, which might be a bit more of a stretch, depending on how tonight's performance is.
  13. Georgia ended up having to perform FOUR times during the semi-final 2 jury voting last night. I'll feel sorry for them if they don't qualify tonight.
  14. We've Nicky Westlife down as a borderline qualifier tonight. Will you be voting Ireland?
  15. I'll throw Dami Im a vote from Norway tonight, unless Bulgaria steals it. Those two, Italy, Spain or France for me. Or Agnete of course, she really is special and lovely.
  16. Meets Deep Forest.

    I think it's a great song.
  17. I do not like that musical piece.
  18. Sweden need to host every year
  19. Anything to pad out Romania's disqualification, I guess.
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