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Eurovision 2016

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Rhombus, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. This opening number is so corny. I love it.
  2. Just switched on...what the fuck was that?
  3. Did that get bumped from the final for Justin?
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  4. Måns speaking French. Yes.
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  5. Screaming at Mel's commentary.
  6. Oop I like this one.
  7. Latvia is falling a bit flat, isn't it. He's trying too hard.
  8. I do not like this song from Latvia.
  9. Lemme put Margaret's Cool Me Down on instead...
  10. Poland is dreadful.
  11. I think I'm mainly here for the minimal production electro feel.

    He's got one of those voices that sounds amazing on record, but is a bit crap live.
  12. #justice4CoolMeDown.
  13. Justice for Cool Me Down.
  14. I am intrigued in a good way by this performance from Poland.
  15. Latvia: amazing
    Poland: terrible
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  16. Is this man a conchita impersonator?
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  17. This song from Poland is literally one of the worst I have ever heard. Ever! Not just Eurovision!
  18. Rykka looks like a proper popstar.
  19. I like Rykka's Movies. But this not so much.
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