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Eurovision 2016

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Rhombus, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. If the staging takes away all the attention of the song, it's a gimmick. The Russian song isn't anything special at all.
  2. MB


    I'll drop Gaga a line and tell her to stop dressing like a turkey when she performs, and the rest of the pop world for that matter.
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  3. You know damn well what I mean, ESC is full of gimmicks. It's known for it. But this year it's more about than ever. And for all I care you can ask Gaga to stop doing anything at all, I'll applaud it.
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  4. Thoroughly enjoying someone called Reinventor wanting things to go back to the old days.
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  5. Actually, this year it seems a bit like a karaoke competition. Very few acts have dancers, props - even visible backup singers. Most of the scenes just involve the performer with different screen backdrops. I welcome a song like Russia that is actually very fun to watch (and I like the song as well).
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  6. MB


    I could actually hug you for that comment. I'll send Gaga an email on our behalf pronto. And yes of course I get what you mean, I just like the Russia song.
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  7. I just watched the Russian performance and if you squint really hard you can actually see the kitchen sink.

    The song is pretty bad. I actually expect it to lose the jury vote and, due to the polarising nature of anything associated with Russia currently, limp in into second or third place based on televotes.

    Vive la France! Or Austria!
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  8. MB


    I must have missed the washing up sequence. I can't believe I'm sticking up for Russia, but I just think it's a decent song and a decent pop performance - like I said you wouldn't get any current popstar (bar Adele zzzz) to just stand and perform a song without any staging. They won't win because of everything but I do like it.
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  9. The kitchen sink reference is an idiom. It references 'everything but the kitchen sink' which means including just about everything, whether appropriate or not.

    I think it's great staging but not a great song. I honestly don't mind if Russia wins, it'll be funny watching them host Eurovision while swarms of middle aged gay bears descend on one of their cities. The moment someone gets gay bashed (and they most certainly will) it'll be an international scandal.
  10. Spain, Bulgaria and Russia are my top 3.
  11. HRH


    The Lithuanian man is quite dishy, isn't he.
    How dare he have a wife and child.
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  12. Echoing everyone's love for Donny from Lithuania. Phwoar, what a difference 4 years makes!

    P.S. I think this still remains one of my fave Eurovision performance of all time

    P.P.S. Why does his name sound like he should be a 90s R&B star
  13. marrecar

    marrecar Guest

    His vocals were and still are good. The performance is just awkward, both then and now. The only thing that's changed are his looks, which are way better. Apart from that awful hair.
  14. I wasn't too keen on Russia's entry at first but it is destroying me today. How dare the production be so good??

    I wouldn't mind the majority of Saturday's acts winning actually, but I'm routing for Ukraine.
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  15. I just want someone to get rid of Donny's perm.
  16. MB


    Oh no I love donny's perm! And the way it doesn't move when he does the flip.
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  17. Stop comparing Russia to Gaga. Gaga is a great performer and writes and performs great songs! Russia is using the staging to distract the public from the fact that the generic-looking guy sings in a generic way a very basic song!
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  18. I really don't think you can criticise the production on Russia, either on the song or the staging. Seeing it live in the semi-final I was in awe. I will give you lyrics (thunder and lightning its getting exciting, is just too basic, even for Eurovision) and the fact the singer isn't 'all that hot'.
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  19. I find it bizarre that anyone could find that guy from Russia better looking than the guy from Hungary or even Nicky but looks didn't help him
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  20. Bless us all!


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