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Eurovision 2017

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 15, 2016.

  1. Thought I'd start a new thread dedicated to next year's contest in Ukraine now that this year's contest is over.

    Discuss away, folks!
  2. This must be an all time record for the earliest thread.
  3. Australia have to be back again surely. No way can they not be invited when they've made the top 5 twice in a row.

    Could 2017 be the year that Kazakhstan enter as they joined the EBU earlier this year.
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  5. I wonder if they will choose Lviv over Kiev as host city.
  6. On the back of "1944"'s win, I'm very much looking forward to the onslaught of downbeat, trip-hoppy slices of high drama sung/wailed by ethereal songstresses making thinly veiled references to the more awkward moments of European history. Who's going to be performing the UK's mournful Brexit anthem?
  7. Hoping for Courtney Act or Chenelle for Australia.

    As for the UK, I think they should get Neon Hitch on call.
  8. A&E


    Shara Nelson please and thank you. Or some other great 90s guest vocalist who's sort of disappeared. Norway could get Anneli Drecker, Belgium needs to call up Kyoko Baertsoen and give me Ohm Square from Czech Republic. Poland should get Justyna Steczkowska to do it again with something like the more dramatic tracks off her last solo album. Okay I might be getting a little carried away I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_.
  9. Can someone find a way for Petra to claim she's part-Ukrainian so she can host again next year please?
  10. What was she doing before Eurovision?
  11. Russia already started writing their entry:

  12. Kate Miller-Heidke or Sarah Blasko for Australia! Although I would be up for one of our bands to participate as well, like Tame Impala.

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  13. A&E


    (I actually was thinking about her entering but) I don't think KM-H would do it, she seems a bit anti-pop in the way that she'd poke fun at talent shows or Britney etc. Anyway indie acts who are doing quite well on their own (and Kate, Sarah, Tame Impala etc. certainly don't seem to be struggling) are usually quite reluctant to participate.
  14. I hope Gaitana is presenting and opens the show with Be My Guest [2017 Version].
  15. Imma need the good sis Ivi to return this year and collect some wigs...
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  16. What's the giant guy that carried Zlata onto the stage in 2013 up to these days?

    My gravity!!!
  17. Can Latvia seriously compare to Sweden hosting it? Even from a financial point of view they won't be able to pump as much money into it, plus will as many people want to go to Latvia?
  18. If Australia are back next year then they should send any of the following:

    - Delta Goodrem
    - Samantha Jade
    - Reece Mastin
    - The Veronicas
    - Rogue Traders
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