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Eurovision 2017

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 15, 2016.

  1. Already stanning hard. Loving this. It’s so dramatic and it makes no sense whatsoever. My two favourite things in Eurovision songs. ”Our life is a like a pop song” is the opening line, followed by ”shorter fame and now it’s gone. We're fading away, fading away, turn into sand. Who will sing, sing our songs? Darkness falls, the world is gone. We wanna be loud, wanna be loud because it matters.” Then, somehow, she makes it all about waterfalls.

    Also, the chorus is pretty impressive. Can’t wait for the €300 video.
  2. Laura stopping by at the radio in her casual clothes.
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  3. Laauuraa.

  4. Oh just the usual delay from Moonwalk Studio. Was probably postponed to February or something.
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  5. "Sorry, we can't do anything this side of Christmas. Maybe in the new year once things have slowed down?"
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  6. Still serving arms for days I see.
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  7. Please be working out in preparation for a music video in which you give the gays everything they want, Imri.

    (The “music” bit is optional.)
  8. Ah Imri. How I missed your hot little pics.

  10. Yes, but where is Imri's photoshoot album?

  12. Imri and Laura are the only reasons this thread is still running, so... we care?

  13. This thread doesn't need to be running!
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  14. And yet here we are.

  15. Indeed.

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  16. I think I may rewatch Eurovision 2017 now, wish me luck.
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  17. Sending my prayers x
  18. I lasted until Scott Mills came on the screen, so roughly about three seconds.
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