Eurovision 2024

I have secured a live show standing OGAE package for Malmö...


I have never even been to Eurovision before, so cannot WAIT for the endless hours of standing and to watch an Irish NQ in the flesh!
I found it easier to buy tickets for the semis as everyone runs to the final first.

Might be a good alternative: Semi live show(s) and then the jury show for the final.

Good luck guys!
I realised that if you have multiple windows open and one gets to the front of the queue, you can then get into all the shows, so I managed jury final, live semi one and live semi two.
All in the cheap seats of course but who cares I'm there.

Well once I sort out the accommodation.
Try opening a new private window and queueing for one of the rehearsals for semi 1, then if that gets to the front, open up the main list and try any of those.

Worked for me, got through to the live final only to find zero tickets left.
All my incognito windows chuck me in the back of the queue for all tickets, it's at 390,000 for all :(