Eurovision 2024

To be fair, Margaret barely had staging the last time she went to Eurovision. She just stood there in one place the entire performance. That just may be her presentation style.

She even posted it on her story, love her....
I actually feel the staging made me like Oblivion more but I thinkit has no chance.

I actually want My AI to win just for the giggle.


So many Polish girlies I follow want to try for Eurovision this year, I'm actually shocked.

(I wish I liked the LUNA song more to be honest, it's a bit different to her usual fare)

TVP is doing an internal selection this year though (and submissions close tonight) so it's interesting to see the artists who have submitted potential entries trying to do promo based around it nn
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Seeing as Jorge is very unlikely to win in Benidorm tomorrow, I'm rooting for a Keiino win Trondheim. Here's hoping they can pull it off!

Anyone got any insight on who's likely for Ukraine and Malta?