Eurovision 2024

If Keiino flopped with the jurys in 2019 they would have flopped even more this time.

At least it will be a great Euroclub hit.
When Spain flops again this year even worse than last year I bet RTVE will either retool BF or axe it completely. I guess it depends on ratings.
Wait I wasn’t expecting this performance to be so polished and addictive

Come on Latvia, don’t be boring and go for Dons and his boring ballad when you have this quirky number right there.
Malta chose the best one.

Would have loved to see Sirena too but Girl Bands usually don‘t do good enough (justice4hurricane) so why waste it.
After the technical issue that happened yesterday, SKYLERR announced that she'd like to withdraw from the entire NF.
On the other hand, Suspilne stated that she can't at this point, yet she can refuse to represent Ukraine in case she wins.