Eurovision 2024

Belgium, Lithuania AND UK sending twinky bops? We love to see it! I just hope they don't jeopardise each other's potential points.


LUNA has got so many better songs, so of course that faceless song is with what she's going to represent Poland and herself... shame. I guess the last couple of singles started getting a bit watered down - when originally the darker, atmospheric vibe made her stand out.

I guess I'm still happy for her but it is a bit disappointing for me dd

But also: I fear she might get hate just because it's not Justyna...
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Not going to post it because I don't know what the rules on leaks are on here but the Azeri entry has allegedly leaked and its Aisel again with this really chaotic Murav-ish type song. Azeri people in the comments are apparently mad because the song sounds like a mess.
So underwhelming. Both the song and the performance. Even Roxen had more energy when she performed Cherry Red.

The only good thing about it is that some parts of the song are sung in Azeri.