Eurovision 2024

The EBU has chosen neutrality and ducking its head in the sand until they are forced to act. That has always been their stance. Pressure only works with them when it's organized and unanimous. Russia's backlash was pretty much universal but Israel has both supporters and detractors, so the EBU is hearing both sides despite the public's wishes.

Israel hasn't been thrown out of any other big global events like the Olympics or the World Cup. They are about to play in the Euro 2024. So the EBU isn't going to throw them out when nobody else is doing the same. They don't have the guts to begin that conversation. They are mere followers.


Unfortunately there isn’t the same pressure to boot Israel out beyond countries like Iceland and Ireland. I believe the Slovenian broadcaster has tried to raise the issue, too, to little effect.
These countries aren't even committing to the issue. RUV only toyed with the idea of boycotting when the public begged them but then they called up Bashar to try and refocus the discourse into staying. Hera is fully committed to going to ESC so they've totally dropped the conversation. They never wanted to boycott.

Finland has sorta thrown the idea around too but also hasn't committed. None of the Nordics have gone through with the boycott despite claiming they want to. It's hard when you have countries who only claim to care about the issue because they know the public wants them to address it but they have no intention of actually following through. Boycotts like that don't work.

Anyway unless there is some sort of massive security scare, I don't see the EBU acting at all on this. It's pretty much over.
It's genuinely unconscionable that Israel is allowed participate this year (so far anyway). Eurovision could've maybe got away with it by saying the contest is apolitical...until they banned Russia and Belarus. That was the moment they decided Eurovision was political. (Also...the irony of their entry being Russian-Israeli)

Whatever about trying to find a roundabout way to disqualify them this year, they should never be allowed participate again. Israel have already killed 30,000 civilians in 5 months, have spoke about their war crimes and genocidal intent, and are now starving the population. Like....if this isn't a red line, what is?

I usually enjoy Eurovision, and even tried to get tickets last year (I still went to Liverpool for the weekend and had a great time). But I will not, and cannot, watch this year.
Regardless of the moral and political issues here, I think what's being missed out in general is that, well, it's not actually *countries* that take part in Eurovision but TV stations that are part of the EBU. In Belarus and Russia cases they weren't just banned for a specific contest, they were just kicked out of the EBU so they are not allowed to take part in ESC anymore at all. While KAN is still in EBU so technically they're allowed/can't be told no as long as the entry meets criteria. At the same time to me it seems like it's just really not as obvious from day one as it was with Russia where (almost) everyone agrees that what the goverment AND the broadcaster are doing with the war and propaganda and that their values are completely on the other side of what the rest of ESC competitiors stand for. And also the broadcaster simply breaking the rules like in Belarus case.
With Isreal, we might (all?) agree here on how terrible the country is in this war but we're also kind of in a bubble, there seem to be way more split views on the situation in general (probably cause of how it started and how it's portaied in the western media) so it's harder to make the decision, especially when KAN is not exactly just a govenment propaganda as the Russian controlled media channels (obv there is a lot of bias/propaganda in the media but it's still a compeletly different level). So it's harder to exclude the broadcaster itself that is the actual competitor in Eurovision if the goal is to be as apolitical as possible. So I can kinda understand EBU, they have to draw the line somewhere, otherwise people would demand more like why would they allow Azerbaijan to participate or Armenia? To be honest, I'm not sure myself what to think about it, I mean I do want the contest to be apolitical and I'd love it to still bring the message of unity and bring everyone together regardless of what the poiitical issues are. No idea how to make it fair and what the limits overall should be though if the goal is still to ... "united by music"


Finally watched We Will Rave.

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