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Eurovision Asia Song Contest - General Discussion (for now)

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Kadebostany, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Finally, Eurovision in Asia is a thing.

    There has been rumours about SBS and EBU is planning to make Asian version of ESC, as we know. Now it's happening and this is the thread about it.

    There's still a lot to come, now we can discuss about what's gonna happen.

    Let the Eurovision Asia Song Contest begin!​
  2. So, I'm guessing Australia is as close to a definite participant as we'll have.
    Mark PR China under 'very probably'

    Anyone else? Does anyone in Asia watch apart from those two?
  3. EBU says "On one unforgettable night, millions of music fans across Asia and Australia, and the world will watch the same show at the same time, encountering a range of new sounds and rhythms." about Australia.

    Also in this link EBU talks about some countries like South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, etc.
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  4. I mean, if Australia is participating then so should New Zealand...
  5. They have awesome musicians, they absolutely should.
  6. My only concern re: this contest is that political situations are notably a lot more volatile in Asia than they are in Europe.
  7. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  8. The constant shade Japan and South Korea will be throwing each other.

    If Australia is participating, they should allow Guam and they should send Pia Mia.
  9. You mean you're going to combine my love for the various amazing Asian music scenes AND Eurovision together? Sweet Shaman Unnie, I'm SO here for this. It's going to be a hot mess though.
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  10. Dunno. Eurovision's not even broadcast in New Zealand any more.
  11. Imagine if it happens in the autumn, then we'll have the national selections right when Eurovision ends and then when Eurovision Asia ends the national selections for Eurovision start.

    So basically an entire year of Eurovision.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. So happy I could die
  13. Okay, let's be real. South Korea is gonna send Baek Jiyoung to do a ballad.
  14. But what about North Korea.

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  15. I know they will but I have faith there's a country somewhere that won't go ballad & will deliver a banger instead. Placing my bets on it being India, Japan (if in old school Nakata mode) or Vietnam that come through for me.
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  16. I wonder if Taiwan will took part and how messy China will react to this. they'll be Asian FYR Macedonia as Chinese Taipei or something. Let's not even start with Sout East China sea (looking at you China, Vietnam and Phillipines!).

    Speaking of Phillipines, please send your kween Sandara Park!
  17. Yas, serve us another 'In or Out' Queen!

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  18. South Korea will win every year
  19. How exciting.
  20. What language will they broadcast in? (Not that I'm too bothered!)
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