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Eurovision: Australia Decides 2020

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by ItTakesAMuscle, May 20, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]

    Perhaps we'll be seeing Electric Fields again in 2020? (they've hopefully actually watched Eurovision now and understand whats expected of them).

  2. Has it been confirmed that this format is returning?
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  3. After being unsure about Australia for the last few years (I think Jessica Mauboy's performance is crap, don't @ me), I now can't wait to see what they bring in 2020
  4. I read that the State government that provides the finance committed to 3 shows. Can't find a link now so did I dream it?

    They could change the format if they get a big name and want the public to choose between a few songs? KMH got so much great press attention in Oz this year that any act who needs to launch an album could easily use it as a platform for publicity.
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  5. So Samantha Jade or Ricki-Lee or The Veronica's. Or maybe all of them? Super group.
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  6. The hot boy from Glee, who also was on Australian Idol
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  7. Get Delta Goodrem! I need her to destroy everyone with her sheer talent.
  8. Tina Arena could also do it coupled with a super noir ballad wearing a tight white gown and combed back wet hair.
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  9. I'll do more than @ you, pig!
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  10. Dean Geyer his album has a good song or three.
  11. I actually have tepid gossip. I know a guy who knows Delta Goodrem, and he told me yesterday that she was approached a few years ago to represent Australia but they ultimately went with someone else. He said she's still open to it.
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  12. Queen Sammy retweeted this!

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  13. It's definitely returning next year!

  14. The Australian public proved that we can trust them this year, so good.

    Let's get Vanessa Amorosi back to her dance bop roots and we've got a winner.
  15. Co signed
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  16. Us when Absolutely Everybody 2.0 gets more points than any other song in Eurovision history

  17. Me reading this news


    Me in March when Australia sends her through with 100% of all votes


    Me when she wins the whole contest by a landslide and becomes a Eurovision legend

  18. Next 2 announced.

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  19. Today, Eurovision season started for me, with starting my annual plays of all ESC songs on CD. I just put 1956 on. Hope to reach the 2019 CD by the time the Albanian final starts haha
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