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Eurovision: Australia Decides 2020

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by ItTakesAMuscle, May 20, 2019.

  1. gfbgjykl Evie Irie tunelessly honking away like Becky Hill after having dental work done and the anaesthetic hasn't completely worn off.

    A mess.

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  2. Sheldon? Seriously?
    Someone give me the petition to get Australia banned from Eurovision.
    We will get zero points
    Come back Montaigne!
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  3. I did not expect that. I thought the metal band was the obvious choice.
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  4. Ugh, even though her Aussie Decides song isn't as interesting as her other recent music, and she sounded a bit hoarse I was still rooting for Jaguar Jonze to win. The burning dress stunt could've been a real moment amped up to Eurovision stage size. I thought for sure the multiple gays singing Zzz ballads would've spread the share of the vote and let her sneak the win.


    Maybe next
  5. Australia really went from Dami Im and Kate Miller-Heidke to this. Every single song in this final was horrible.
  6. If he finishes higher than Kate Winner Heidke I will throw a fit
  7. I feel sorry for you, several Arcade songs this year...
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  8. It was… kind of a boring show, right?

    They’ve completely lost the quality control here
  9. I think Australia decides has definitely scared away a lot of the more successful Australian artists who may have been up to it a few years ago.

    They just need to get DNA to write a song for Samantha Jade or The Veronica’s and send them over.

    DNA wrote these:
    Dami Im - Sound of Silence
    Isaiah - Don’t come easy
    Jessica Mauboy - We got love
    Montaigne - Don’t break me
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  10. The jury tanking G Nation… die
  11. Well my bottom has never been so settled dddddd
  12. Voyager was the clear standout for me. That performance was just so electrifying.

    It was pretty clear after the performances that it was between Voyager and Sheldon Riley, with Jaguar Jonze as the dark horse.

    I wanted Paulini to do well so badly but her song seems very... generic.
  13. This song is, uh, really bad
  14. It's just so...precious, dingy and melodramatic. I don't see why someone would vote for this.
  15. This is the type of ballad that was quite successful in the last years in Eurovision. This surely won't tank, easy Top10 contender. If not Top 5.
  16. I don't think it's in the same league as "Voilà", "Tout l'univers" or "Arcade" at all. I guess it's sonically similar to "Proud" from 2019, but the messaging of that song was hopeful "I am proud", where this is pure dourness "I'm NOT the same, no".
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  17. I actually think this song is comparable to Made of Stars from 2016 with better vocals. I think it's a safe qualifier and will easily place in the teens in the final, but it's a bit too much of a typical power ballad (i.e. not modern enough) to place much higher than that. Of course, the vocal performance could get it a few more jury points than Made of Stars, but Eurovision this year has a lot of strong vocalists and juries usually only single one or two out as the "chosen one" so his chances aren't the greatest. I don't see this NQing though.

    Also, it is worth noting Australia has been known to stage. The difference between Zero Gravity's NF staging and their ESC staging was quite huge. So I wouldn't count out them staging this well in May. I still only see a 17-13 placement for the song though.
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  18. I really hope next years entry for Australia is a lot better. I have not heard Sheldon’s song on the radio here once. It’s terrible.

    Maybe they should go back to the old format before Australia decides started?
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  19. Made of Stars finished 14th.
    Not the Same finished 15th.

    I was not too far off!
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