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Eurovision: Australia Decides 2020

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by ItTakesAMuscle, May 20, 2019.

  1. Fixed
  2. Lessons of love is definitely the best song so I hope she makes it to Eurovision.
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  3. On face value this selection is jaw droppingly bereft of fun. The televote from Australia almost always rewards colour and upbeat pop - Keiino, Laura Tesoro, Mans, Netta & the Sunstroke Project. It's what the audience wants and to not give them a chance to vote for something upbeat is a misjudgment on the part of Blink TV and SBS. They've had to ship Mans in due to the general ambivalence of the hardcore Eurovision audience that won't pay thousands to travel to the Gold Coast and engage in what is likely to be an exercise in ritual bloodletting instead of a party.

    It'll be a close selection but not because the songs are good; sadly, it's because they're boring or unfinished/unpolished.
  4. This is a good analysis. The rumours that VA has a great stage show is good, and I'm counting on Montaigne to bring a good song and Jaguar Jonze to perform her ok song in an entertaining way. But such a disappointment after last year.
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  5. This entire selection is as bland as wonder bread. That said, well sung blandness has worked very well for Australia before...
  6. I think Vanessa has tweaked this a little? It's still bland and in Vanessa's words 'it can be about anything really'.

  7. The chorus sounds a bit different and also the ending of the song has more powerful vocals. Sounds a bit better.
  8. This is Vanessas to lose if Montaigne doesn’t bring her A game
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  9. The Didirri track is out. And I really like it.

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  10. 100% .... after 9 entries out of 10, it's almost like they deliberately wanted to give VA a free run at 1st place.

  11. Jaguar Jonze’s entry.

    Vanessa still has the best song..
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  12. Montaigne also has a clip of her song for Eurovision up on Instagram. It’s only a few seconds, but sounds like another ballad type song.
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  13. I can't believe after the great fun of last year, that they have somehow managed to produce such an awful and dull lineup. It's one of the few NFs I can follow live at a realistic time of day, but now I'm thinking I won't bother.
  14. This kicks.
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  15. Jaguar has the only really good track on this whole selection.

    Just... send Kate again.
  16. Just send Electric Fields tbh
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  18. DNA produced Montaigne's song. Surprised she worked with such Eurovision veterans.

    The song is cute but I'm not wowed.
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  19. I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist but I do feel like Australia Decides is... if not rigged... heavily weighted in favour of who Universal decides to send. That was Kate last year and Vanessa this year.

    And I'm fine with the riggory
  20. Jaguar Jonze is it for me in this selection, I had hoped for something more interesting from montaigne
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